A tour of our ground floor: So much we have already conquered!

To move into an unrenovated house with the whole family means a little everyday adventure that - admittedly! - can also be quite stressful. At the very beginning we really only had a usable living room and luckily a working kitchen for a total of five people.

The side rooms were uninhabitable, the attic was not expanded and the daylight cellar was full of boxes and furniture parts. So we put our five mattresses in the living room and lived in a confined space for a while while doing handicraft work every day.

A guided tour of the semi-finished ground floor

I would like to show you our ground floor in a more advanced stage, after conquering the adjoining rooms. There is still a lot to do, but fortunately, a lot has already been done:

Now you know what we've already done at this point, we can now live quite well in our little house. What still has to be done are many improvements and the conversion of the old tiled stove, which does not get the rooms really warm. In addition, we plan to install a central heating system with wood gasification boiler and a photovoltaic system: As you know, there is still no central heating system except the rudimentary applied several years ago power heating (which is definitely too expensive!). In the basement is this old hot water heater, which also works with electricity and ensures regular puddling in the laundry room. We do not like that!

Have a look at us again!

So if you are planning to equip your house with a modern, environmentally friendly heating system that also supplies hot water and electricity cost-effectively, then you should stay with us. We report live from the construction site, so to speak!