Tow bar comparison 2018

Purchase advice for towing bar comparison or test 2018

  • If a vehicle can no longer drive by itself, a tow bar is helpful, keeping the vehicle at a constant distance from the vehicle to be towed.
  • Most of the tow bars are collapsible and are attached to towing lugs or, in some models, also to the trailer hitch of the motor vehicle, which is designed for the weight of trailers.
  • With a towing bar, a higher weight can be handled compared to a tow rope. In addition, towing hooks make towing the car easier, as the pole keeps the distance constant.

Tow bar comparison 2018: which

Even if loud ADAC the number of car breakdown year by year fall and it depends a lot on which class and which model you drive, so it can hit everyone once. So the car club went away in 2016 1 to 75 breakdowns per 1,000 registered vehicles out. Therefore, it makes sense, the necessary Tool for car towing to have it with you, so as not to get stuck.

In our Towbar Comparison 2018 you will find out which bar was the winner of the towbar and which winner of the award. In addition, we explain in our buying guide, what makes a good car towing bar, how to do a breakdown and where you can buy a cheap tow bar. We also refer to some tow bar tests that provide more specific information and can give you tips when help is needed.

1. Texture of a tow bar

Where to fasten?

The possibility of attachment to the trailer hitch is the one at the towing preferable because these are special tight and a greater power transmission allows.

How can you properly attach the tow bar? The car accessories for breakdown assistance has two hooks at the ends, which at the towing of the automobile.

The ends consist of closable temples that are attached to different towing and trailer hitches can be adjusted.

The average between 1.50 m and 2.0 m long rods can be in two or three Disassemble items. These are pushed together and fastened with pins.

2nd category: truck or car tow bar

What is the best tow bar for you? First of all, the type of towbar can be differentiated: There are offers in a shop for cars and trucks for shipping. Shipping costs about the same amount for both categories. Both types are made of metal and have hooks for attachment. Your differences are u. a. in the weight limit and its mounting characteristics:

Truck towing barWith the usually longer tow bar for trucks, it is possible to move a greatly increased weight, namely up to 32 tons, Truck tow bars are in one piece, unlike car tow bars, can not be dismantled and are attached to special brackets. The price is usually much higher than for a tow bar for cars.
Car tow rodThe towing bar for cars usually has a mmaximum load of approx. 2 tonswith which you can tow most cars without problems. For medium vehicle classes, a tow bar is recommended 2500 kg creates. In general, a car towing bar can be taken apart and has a suspensionto make towing safer. The price is usually lower than offers for trucks.

3. Purchase criteria for tow bars: You must pay attention to this

3.1. maximum weight allowed

In order to handle many tons of weight, when buying a tow bar, the weight of the vehicle must be taken as a reference. However, since only the curb weight is found in the vehicle registration, you should do this about 300 kg add. This leaves room for additional weight, such as a full tank or baggage, to include. The following example makes it clear:

In a VW Passat sedan with 180 horsepower and 1.8 liter displacement, the curb weight is 1480 kg. This should allow the tow bar to move at least 1800 kg. Since most accessories for towing in our comparison can carry 2000 kg, it should not be a problem to find the right product. For medium weight vehicles with a weight of about 2500 kg, we recommend the corresponding articles in the categories medium heavy load or heavy maximum load.

tip: Should you drive a big car, which is mostly about2000 kg, 2500 kg or 3500 kg We recommend that you seek offers on a professional towing bar with a very high maximum load or use a truck towing bar.

3.2. A tow bar with damping

Tow bar comparison 2018: which

In some shop there are items such as a tow bar with built-in suspension.

A damping spring can increase towing safety by effectively reducing power that acts on the towing vehicle.

This happens because the towed vehicle slows down more slowly when decelerating than the towing vehicle. The towing is through the Spring in the middle part, which weakens the power, less heavily loaded.

Advantages and disadvantages of a tow bar with damping include:

  • Reduced energy acting on the towing vehicle
  • No risk of collision
  • Towing without sudden jerking
  • Maintenance necessary
  • Spring middle section reduces load capacity (maximum 2,000 kg)

3.3. attachment

With the help of hooks, a tow bar can usually be attached to towing lugs. However, there are also models with oneball headso that the tow bar can also be attached to the trailer hitch. If your vehicle does not have a trailer hitch, you should use a variant with a hook.

Danger: Do not use homemade poles to tow a vehicle. These can not guarantee safety!

3.4. equipment

Some manufacturers still supply car accessories such as a signal flag to their brands. The towing products from the manufacturer Hans Herrmann, for example, often have a warning flag as an accessory. The signal flag can be fixed so that it is visible to all drivers.

Tow bar comparison 2018: 2018

Tow bar, which consists of three parts.

According to Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) § 43 section 3, it is mandatory to bring a signal flag or make by lacquer the towing bar.

4. What should be considered when towing a car?

Although it sounds similar, there is a difference between towing, towing and towing:

  • tow away represents an emergency in which a vehicle can no longer drive on its own and must be transported for repair.
  • tow is not an emergency and requires a permit, as no functioning vehicle may be pulled. Often you can see how vehicles are towed during overpasses.
  • tow-start on the other hand, pulling a car means that its engine does not start by itself until it can drive by itself.

Tow bar comparison 2018: which

A signal flag brings additional security and is required by law.

It is a risky process in which both cars are linked drive offset must because the towing loops are usually also offset. In any case, it is necessary that Hazard lights to turn on - especially if the vehicle to be towed defective brakes Has. If the car is lying on a highway, it must be the same at the next exit leave.

Below are some tips for proper car towing:

5. Your questions about the correct use of tow bars will be answered by us

5.1. Tow rope or tow bar?

Rods are more stable than a tow rope, which facilitates the towing process and is mandatory for defective brakes. A pole is also safer than a tow rope, because the increased stability keeps the distance between the vehicles always constant in order to prevent rear-end collisions.

5.2. Speed ​​limit for tow bars?

There are no legal requirements. However, for your own safety, you should not be faster than 30 - 50 km / h drive, because at increased speed there is a risk that it can be braked too late.

5.3. Maximum length of the tow bar?

Tow bar comparison 2018: vehicle

Even a replacement hook as from the manufacturer Hans Herrmann can be an important item as an accessory.

By law, a tow bar may 5 m which is not a problem for all our models. The tow bar for trucks is usually slightly longer than that for cars.

5.4. What else is there to consider?

Always make sure all hook properly appropriate so that they also hold and do not tear during towing. tow Never use a working vehicle over a long distance without permission. This is going to be one fine from 25€ punished. By the way: Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a tow bar test.

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