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  • Free-standing towel racks, unlike towel racks that can be mounted on the wall, are simply placed in the bathroom. They can be changed at any time, so they are much more flexible than their drilled counterparts.
  • Some are rigid, while others have their arms swiveling up to 360 degrees. This has the advantage that such stands can be ideally adapted to the conditions in the bathroom.
  • In the production of towel racks different materials, such as. Stainless steel, chrome-plated steel, painted iron, bamboo, wood or plastic are used.

Towel rack comparison 2018: towel

Almost anyone who has already thrown his towel crumpled in the morning stress in the bathroom, because no suspension hook was free or after showering has simply forgotten to hang it in a spread state, knows the problem: unpleasant odor development! It arises when towels stay moist for a long time and bacteria have the opportunity to spread undisturbed.

Towel rack comparison 2018: towel

Rigid towel stand with three tiered towel rests.

To prevent this unsavory process, it is important to choose a storage place for towels, where they can be hung up and have enough space to dry. In this context, freestanding towel racks that can be used flexibly and do not have to be mounted on the wall proved to be particularly practical.

If you are looking for the perfect storage place for your wet towels, we recommend that you take a look at our towel rail comparison 2018, in which we have the best towel rack have examined for you. We will tell you in which categories freestanding towel holders can be divided for the bathroom and which criteria are to be considered when buying.

  • For comparison, the bathroom fan
  • For comparison, the wall dryer

Towel holder - a generic term

Towel holders, in contrast to freestanding towel stands, are usually wall-mounted towel rails. This distinction is strictly speaking, but not entirely correct: Towel holder is actually a generic term that includes both hooks, stands and wall mounts.

1. Towel rack and their alternatives

Towel stands are basically do not divide into different types. They come in several different materials (Chapter 3) and in different designs, colors and designs. In fact, such furniture or bathroom accessories but neither in their function, nor in the type of attachment (freestanding) significantly different from each other.

But as there are alternatives to towel racks that can be easily put into the bathroom without drilling, we would like to introduce them to you in the following table:

kindFeatures and special features
towel rack

Towel rack comparison 2018: comparison

  • Standing towel racks will be not attached to the wall, but simply placed on the floor.
  • They are made of various materials such as wood, bamboo or stainless steel.
  • There are also differences in the design (eg antique towel stand), the construction, the height adjustability and the number and mobility of the support arms.
  • In contrast to the alternatives are towel rails with stand relatively bulky, but the towels can usually be spread out or even folded in the middle.

no assembly required
Towels can be spread
with and without movable support arms
relatively space intensive

Towel holder for the wall

Towel rack comparison 2018: rack

  • Bathroom towel rails that are not freestanding, be firmly attached to the wall.
  • They are also available in different materials such as wood, stainless steel or bamboo.
  • They are available in different designs, shapes, designs and with different numbers of support arms that can be either mobile or rigid.
  • Towel dryers for the wall are relatively space-savingHowever, the towels can be spread out or simply folded.

relatively space-saving
Towels can be spread
with and without movable support arms
Wall mounting necessary


Towel rack comparison 2018: towel

  • Towel hooks are either fixed to the wall or attached to the bathroom tiles with adhesive tape or suction cup.
  • you are extremely space-saving and therefore well suited for small bathrooms.
  • They are available, for example, made of plastic or aluminum
  • Towels can not be hung spread and are located with one side directly on the wall.

extremely space-saving
z. T. with flexible suction cups
Towels can not be spread spread and dry so z. Slower

2. Purchase advice for towel racks: You must pay attention to this!

A towel rack winner should in any case be robust and not simply fall over when equipped with several towels. What properties stand towel holders should have otherwise, you will learn in this chapter.

2.1. Material and care

In many towel rack tests, the question of the material is addressed. Basically, this is primarily a matter of taste and furnishing, as the various materials presented here are all good for the bathroom. Nevertheless, there are, for example, in the care, differences that you should consider before buying urgently.

Towel rack made of stainless steel:

Towel rack comparison 2018: made

Towel rack made of stainless steel with two different height handrails.

Stainless steel towel rails are usually relatively heavy and stable. Dropping due to excessive or unbalanced weight is therefore extremely unlikely. also they are easy to disinfect and usually rustproof (if they are declared accordingly), so you can easily expose them to moisture or moisture. The only downside of stainless steel towel racks is that they prone to limescale and grease stains and therefore should be cleaned regularly.

Some holders are not made of stainless steel, but of chromed steel. Chromium is suitable as a coating for various metals whenever a long-lasting corrosion protection is needed. In addition, towel racks with a chrome coating are usually very shiny, which leads to interesting mirror effects.

Care tip: If limescale stains have formed on your freestanding bathroom towel holder made of stainless steel, they can easily be removed with cleansing milk. In addition, you can also resort to other cleaning products: The Stiftung Warentest recommends for removing visible limescale, for example, commercial vinegar cleaner.

Towel rack made of iron:

Towel rack comparison 2018: rack

Antique towel rack made of iron.

If iron is used as metal, you must make sure that also all bars of the towel stand are painted. Iron is highly susceptible to rustwhy an appropriate paint job is essential. There iron too stable and heavy is, overturning because of unbalanced load is almost impossible. Thanks to the lacquer finish, towel holders made of iron do not have to be cared for in principle. However, you should check the paint regularly and repaint immediately if damaged.

Towel rack made of wood or bamboo:

Freestanding towel rails made of bamboo or wood are common attractive and warm look on. you areresistant to lime and often relatively lightwhy an unbalanced or too high load in certain designs can be problematic and can cause the stand to fall over. Also, keep in mind that towel holders made of wood or bamboo are natural raw materials that can swell on contact with water.

Care tip: To avoid mildew and long-term swelling, do not hang fully wet towels on your wooden towel dryers and treat them with appropriate wood care oil once or twice a year to protect against moisture.

Towel rack made of plastic:

Towel racks made of plastic Although very easy to care for but of low weightso that they can quickly fall over with one-sided loads.

2.2. Support arms - number, length, height adjustment, flexibility, design

If you want to buy a towel rail, you should always pay attention to the support arms. These differ in number, length, height adjustability and flexibility.

Towel rack comparison 2018: made

Some towel racks have freely movable holding arms.

In particular, height adjustability and flexibility are to be mentioned in this context as important criteria. If your bathroom is small or already relatively crowded, height-adjustable and movable support arms are particularly recommended. They usually leave ideally adapt to the dimensions of your bathroom and thanks to their flexibility can be used in a relatively space-saving manner.

Also, the length of the support arms and the number of towels that the towel racks can carry are important factors to consider when making a purchase. Basically, however, the range of the different models is quite large: So there are on the one hand variants that are more than 50 centimeters long, so that most towels can be hung fully spread, on the other hand, manufacturers also offer short-sleeved models in which the towel is folded once in advance.

Tip: Whether you opt for a special designer towel rail or for a classic version without elaborate flourishes and design features, is ultimately a matter of taste. With regard to the functionality, no significant advantages or disadvantages can be identified in both variants.

Towel rack comparison 2018: 2018

3. Questions and answers about the topic towel rack

3.1. How much does a cheap towel rack cost?

Towel rack comparison 2018: comparison

Cheap towel stand by Relaxdays made of bamboo.

Cheap bath towel holders, which can be placed in the bathroom without drilling, costbetween 15 and 60 euros. In this price segment should be something for all needs. Even models from brand manufacturers such as Zeller, Wenko, ZACK or Relaxdays are in o. G. Find price range.

3.2. Which brands and manufacturers are there?

Among the best-known towel rack manufacturers you will find in most towel rack tests are u. a. the companies Wenko and Relaxdays, While Wenko almost exclusively offers products made of steel and stainless steel, which are available in different sizes, versions, with and without movable arms, Relaxdays also offers a range of bamboo products, which however do not have rotating arms or are height-adjustable, Other popular brands and manufacturers can be found in the following overview:

  • arena
  • Axentia
  • Blomus
  • Casa Pura
  • CLP
  • interdesign
  • Kela
  • Relax Days
  • Sanwood
  • Sidco
  • Spetebo
  • wenko
  • ZACK
  • Zeller

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