Traditional carnival costumes: city guards, Funkemariechen, Käschperli and Flinserlweib

Tradition care at carnival costume

Traditional carnival costumes: city guards, Funkemariechen, Käschperli and Flinserlweib: carnival

Typical of carnival and Carnival: Especially in the carnival strongholds such as Cologne and Mainz or in the Swabian-Alemannic carnival are traditional carnival costumes as city guards with sparks or Käschperli and Deyfel often seen. These Traditions are maintained especially in the carnival club.

The templates for these historical carnival costumes and masks in the southern Germany are sometimes even on pagan traditions back. The Gardeuniformen so popular in the Rhineland emerged later.

Depending on the region, there are completely different costume traditions that we want to introduce here and there. To the various carnival costumes once locally to enjoy life, you only have to book a short trip to the respective carnival centers at the right time.

The carnival parade is visited by thousands of people every year. Often the visitors dress up with popular costumes from the trade, while the Wrap train participants in traditional robes and wear appropriate masks. Often, these can even seem creepy to children, because the full masks look very static, doll-like and unnatural.

Learn more about almost forgotten carnival costumes that have a long history.

The carnival costume tradition in the Salzkammergut

Traditional carnival costumes: city guards, Funkemariechen, Käschperli and Flinserlweib: city

Traditional carnival costumes in the Salzkammergut

Anyone who travels in the winter months in Salzkammergut will see one or two strange creatures walk by.

Be that shaggy monster with devil hornsrattling chains, or one white-dressed figure of lightpulling from house to house with brightly glowing caps.

In this case, one should not be surprised, because apparently the time of carnival customs prevails. In Salzkammergut for centuries the cultivated and lovingly cultivated ancient traditions.

In the meantime, tourism has got wind of it and many guests are traveling only for the sake of this spectacle. The merry goings on, carnival figures, have fun together - and almost every move ends in the tavern. Of course, socializing friends can not be told twice.

The historical origin of traditional costumes

Traditional carnival costumes: city guards, Funkemariechen, Käschperli and Flinserlweib: carnival

A group of costumed Flinserl for carnival in Bad Aussee

Of course that means Carnival for most people fun and pleasure, Most of the customs have a serious background.

At a time when humans were still dependent on their harvest alone, many were threatened with death by the winter, sooner or later. So they tried to drive it out.

The shaggy Krampus and the Perchten originally had the task cast out evil demons of the Rough Nights - and not like today excited screeching adolescents to give adrenaline kick.

The white guillemakers were responsible for ensuring that the longed-for springtime was over, defeating darkness and cold with light and warmth.

Traditional carnival costumes: city guards, Funkemariechen, Käschperli and Flinserlweib: traditional

Traditional Flinserl Costume in Ausseerland

According to the long tradition, the rhytmic awaken Steps and the sounding of the bells raise the crop under the snow cover and make it grow.

Today, the Glöckler are due to their atmospheric lights and fancifully shaped caps still very popular - and who has ever seen how they were illuminated by dark winter nights, forget this picture no longer.

The drum women in the carnival parades

Traditional carnival costumes: city guards, Funkemariechen, Käschperli and Flinserlweib: costumes

The drum women to carnival

When it comes to Radau and noise, the Trommelweiber are on the spot. In truth, this unmistakable squad is more masculine than it seems at first sight.

The gentlemen wrapped in women's nightgowns, ziLoud voices, with drums and trumpets armed, through the village wearing masks so that the evicted demons can not recognize them.

Nowadays, anonymity has other advantages: For one of the drum troupe participants does not want to be recognized as he is with the others Drum girls by the taverns draws.

After all, one of the carnival's unofficial vows is: "I vow to add more hostility to the Holy Three Faschingstagen.

Paradoxical detail on the edge: Allegedly, the origin of this custom is just in said host domesticity. Thus, some feisty wives lost their patience in those days and drunk their drink-happy munchies from the tavern.

Flinserlwand - the most elaborate costume

Traditional carnival costumes: city guards, Funkemariechen, Käschperli and Flinserlweib: guards

The costume of the Flinserlweiber

If you do not shy away from the hassle of a first-class carnival costume, the Flinserl robe is the undisputed number one.

The clothes will be in Handmade from natural linen, colorful cloth rags and thousands of silver sequins made - these are called Flinserln.

The so-called Mohrenkopf, which is typically known from the carnival in Venice, is characteristic of the Frinserlweiber.

The head and the sumptuous garments are said to be replaced by the Salt trade from Venice to Bad Aussee have come.

For the tailoring of a Flinserlkostüms 400 to 500 man hours are scheduled. That explains why the Garments of the Ausseer Land so rare, precious and expensive are.

Year after year, this impresses the guests of the festivities that celebrate the magnificent carnival figures watch her move through the village.

Shred costumes at the shred move

Traditional carnival costumes: city guards, Funkemariechen, Käschperli and Flinserlweib: traditional

Original shred costume

On Carnival Monday, another highlight of the holidays in Salzkammergut follows: The Ebensee Festenumzug.

The scary costumes also look back on an ancient history: In the time as poor people only one had good Sunday clothes, the old clothes were on demand with fabric leftovers repaired - resulting in ever more colorful coats and jackets.

The wooden masks of the Ebenseer shreds are called wood larvae. This not only makes the wearer unrecognizable, thanks to the Cavities within the mask will also greatly affect the voice.

In this way they can tell the truth unrecognized and exuberant and criticize everything that burned their hearts in the past year.

In terms of celebrations, the proponents of the prophets are not fooled by anything: into the Mardi Gras of Shrove Tuesday is sung in the inns and on the streets, danced and laughed.

Carnival costumes from Upper Bavaria: rags and Maschkera

Traditional carnival costumes: city guards, Funkemariechen, Käschperli and Flinserlweib: city

Traditional carnival costumes in Upper Bavaria

Even in Upper Bavaria, the winter is expelled - and no less scary and crazy than elsewhere.

Here, camels, gaudi worms and machetes dance through the streets and drift along with wild ones Gesellen in Flecklgewand and terrifying wooden masks mischief.

But you do not have to be afraid of them because they are traveling peacefully.

They try with their strange dance and the loud bells to drive the winter and want welcome spring with colorful carnival balls.

Make carnival hat and carnival mask yourself

Carnival hat and carnival mask with easy to understand and free instructions tinker yourself.

Carnival is just around the corner, the costume is already bought or put together by hand - only the mask and / or the matching carnival hat are still missing.

What to do?

Buying the matching hat or the decorated mask is a quick but not an original solution. Just make up the missing part of your disguise yourself. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you can make yourself a magic cylinder, a Lillifee hat, a witch hat, make a clown hat or a pirate hat to your own wishes and dimensions.

For which panels is a cylinder the icing on the cake for a grand entrance?

A magician, a gentleman, movie characters, such as Fred Astaire, or scary a funeral or a vampire - all of these characters practically require a well-fitting cylinder

Carnival masks
In addition to the obligatory carnival mask, we also have a cat mask, a theater mask or a spooky plaster mask in the repertoire.

The instructions are useful for both children and adults.

The magic cylinder can be found at:


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