Trampoline and bouncy castle for children in the garden

Hopping - almost as beautiful as flying! The hopping is fun, you know, but the hopping is healthy, that is definitely new to you, right? Hopping stimulates digestion, initiates lymphatic circulation, which in turn strengthens the immune system, improves endurance, strengthens muscles and promotes fat burning.

So your offspring not only has great fun, but he also remains fit and prevents many diseases. With many happy hormones poured out, even your little ones' hearts will start jumping fast.

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Contents: All about trampolines and inflatables

  • Trampoline for the garden
  • Trampoline cover and other helpful tips
  • Beware of trampolining
  • Video trampoline jumping
  • Bouncy castle for the garden
  • Construction of inflatables
  • Dismantling of inflatables
  • Video removal of inflatables
  • safety precautions

Trampoline for the garden

A trampoline consists of a metal frame between the edges of which is stretched by means of feathers an elastic jumping cloth. This whole construction is then placed on a stand, so that the distance between the cloth and the floor is large enough to hop on the trampoline.

Originally it comes from the circus, where it served as a safety net for high ropes artists.

Trampoline cover and other helpful tips

To avoid an accident, you should make sure that the trampoline is safe and of high quality at the time of purchase:

  • The thicker the frame tube, the more stable the trampoline.
  • Is the trampoline TÜV, CE and GS approved?
  • Galvanized (a kind of electrolysis) springs and frames reduce rust.
  • Is the protective edge, ie the fabric over the frame and the feathers, wide and well fed?
  • Buy a waterproof jacket. So you can protect the trampoline from uncomfortable weather conditions.

Beware of trampolining

Trampoline and bouncy castle for children in the garden: bouncy

Trampoline and bouncy castle for children in the garden: castle

Two steps are for safe ascent and descent.

Before your young savages tread on the trampoline, you should check the stability of the device. Uneven ground or improperly erected stands can lead to serious injuries!

There should be no sharp or pointed objects (other toys, stones,...) near the trampoline, as you could injure yourself in a fall.

Always let ONLY ONE child jump on the trampoline. Even if you have a safety net, you should be aware of the danger of a collision of several children. Safety nets often lead to more risky jumps and daring actions.

For smaller children an entry aid is urgently needed. These are available at for only 19.99 euros.

Bouncy castle for the garden

Trampoline and bouncy castle for children in the garden: castle

Trampoline and bouncy castle for children in the garden: children

A bouncy castle consists of an air-tight fabric, mostly PVC and is inflated via radial blower. Since inflatables are subject to high loads, their seams are either welded or double stitched with a nylon or polyester thread.

Bouncy castles are the hit on children's birthday parties, because here several children can jump on it and romp about. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes and you can either rent them or buy them online.

Construction of inflatables

When setting up your new bouncy castle, follow the instructions for use best!

We just want to give you a few really important things that you need to keep in mind:

  1. The surface must not contain sharp stones, roots or the like! The best surface is asphalt or turf. By the way, you do not have to worry about this. Due to the low weight of the castle he is hardly burdened.
  2. There must be a 220V power connection nearby, or at least an extension cable.
  3. Secure the castle with ropes and pegs in the ground. She is extremely wind-prone and would otherwise tip over or fly away.
  4. The children are allowed to enter the bouncy castle only barefoot or with socks, otherwise damage to the fabric could occur too quickly. In addition, they prevent soiling and extend the life of the hopping fun! But DANGER: In bare feet there is a risk of athlete's foot! So let's just enter with socks!

Dismantling of inflatables

safety precautions

Like everything else, which is also fun, hopping around on a bouncy castle also carries a lot of dangers. It is even relatively common for smaller or larger accidents.

Since you are responsible for the birthday guests of your child, you should follow these rules:

  • No shoes may be worn on the bouncy castle!
  • The children are allowed to be 12 years old!
  • A maximum of 12 children can jump at the same time to avoid clashes!
  • The blower must run continuously and also be checked regularly! In case of failure, children could be buried under the collapsing side walls and suffocate!
  • Glasses, rings, chains and other jewelry must be removed before the pleasure!
  • Also check the trouser pockets of the kids so that no pins or hairpins get into the castle.
  • Be present all the time to be able to help children who have been injured directly and observe the children's behavior in raging.

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