Trampoline comparison 2018

Purchase advice for trampoline comparison or test 2018

  • A trampoline is a varied and active form of leisure activity for young and old dar. Small trampoline models, there are already from about 60 €. Garden trampolines are more expensive, but also offer significantly more jumping surface.
  • There are various models of trampoline, each with a different range of application. If you have a lot of space and use the trampoline mainly in your free time, you are well advised to take a garden trampoline. Athletes and hobby athletes who are looking for a training device, better access to a fitness trampoline.
  • A trampoline can not only help you lose weight; In addition, it trains the coordination and mobilizes the musculoskeletal system.

Trampoline comparison 2018: comparison

In 2016, the Techniker Krankenkasse has a Study on the topic of exercise published by the Opinion Forsa. Under the title "Move, Germany" was investigated how active the German population Sports integrated into their daily lives and how fit the Germans are.

The Evaluation does not throw a good light on the state of health Germans: Only 16 percent of respondents perceive their health condition as optimal, 30 percent just satisfactory and five percent of all respondents rate their own health as bad.

Back problems, overweight and lack of exercise cause an increase in illnesses whose sufferers on average get younger and younger. When asked why many Germans avoid movement, 47 percent said that the Ways e.g. to the gym just too long are.

But there are possibilities - in the home of one's home or in one's own garden - to awaken his hidden sports spirit: with a trampoline. If alone or together with the family -If you want to get a taste of mountain air, we have put together an extensive buying guide in the following trampoline comparison 2018.

1. What is a trampoline?

Trampolines in medicine?

The trampoline can not only ensure success on the scale, it also fulfills a medical benefit. In the sixties the TKT was developed - the Trampoline coordination test, The test detects disturbed movements that manifest during trampoline jumping. In addition to the balance, there are 32 other factors that are monitored during the test. The test only takes a few minutes and provides certainty about possible fine and / or gross motor impairments. This method is mainly used in children.

Ever wanted to speak proverbially Making leaps in the air? A trampoline gives you the opportunity to do so and acts on the one hand as a sports equipment and on the other hand as an entertaining pastime for the whole family.

Although the application areas and characteristics of a trampoline can be quite numerous, the device usually consists of the following individual parts:

  • a jumping mat, which can vary in diameter depending on the type of trampoline
  • support legs: Again, it depends on the model. Fitness trampolines usually have individual support legs to the end of a non-slip sheath is attached. Large garden trampolines have a significantly higher dead weight and have a larger load limit. That's why you often find yourself herestable double legs.
  • a metalframe
  • springs, which are usually hidden under a colored edge cover to reduce the risk of injury. The springs also connect the frame to the jump surface

Regardless of whether the trampoline for medical, sporting or entertainment reasons is used: All types of trampoline increase their own bounce and catapult the jumper to unexpected heights.

The Advantages and disadvantages a trampoline in a nutshell:

  • suitable for almost all age groups
  • can help you lose weight
  • increases your own condition
  • improves coordination
  • Combination of sports equipment and leisure activities
  • Construction can be difficult if necessary
  • increased risk of injury

2. Which trampoline types are there?

Below we have collected for you various types of trampolines that are in the Hobby and leisure area can be found. Professional competition trampolines and models that are only used for gymnastics were not considered in our trampoline test.

garden trampoline

Trampoline comparison 2018: comparison

A garden trampoline, also called giant trampoline, offers the perfect combination of exercise and fun for the whole family.

As the name suggests, these trampolines are thoughtful in the garden or on a large and flat surface, The diameter of this outdoor variant may vary by model up to 490 cm be. The frame height should be about 80 cm, in order to reach enough distance between the jump mat and the ground.

Since the garden trampoline is also designed for children, many have many products a safety net, With a trampoline with net no one jumps beyond the finish.

Gymnastics or fitness trampoline

Trampoline comparison 2018: 2018

In contrast to a garden trampoline fitness or gymnastics trampolines are more likely in the indoor area for use.

These mini trampolines are especially suitable for the implementationfrom targeted exercises on the trampoline. Due to the joint-gentle effect when trampolining the sports equipment is suitable for young and old sports fans. For added stability often provides one Handrail, which is also integrated into the training process for various exercises.

So that the trampoline does not occupy your entire living room, amounts to Diameter on average to 100 to 120 cm.

children trampoline

Trampoline comparison 2018: comparison

Children's trampolines are similar to the fitness trampolines at first glance. However, these are colorful trampolines for young hoppers again smaller than mini trampolines. A handrail can be used for balance exercises.

Kids trampolines usually have no nets because the bounce is very low. Nevertheless, should Infants always under supervision do gymnastics.

Trampoline to inflate

Trampoline comparison 2018: comparison

There are inflatable trampolines on the one handdirectly for children, These products are very similar to a small bouncy castle and may have appealing game elements.

Big trampolines to inflate also for adults suitable, but have a clear lower load limit as their stable representatives. Your big advantage: You can easily take the trampoline into the water or the local pool and use it as an air mattress.

If the trampoline is no longer needed, you can just let the air out and stow the empty envelope folded after drying.

Fold away:Apart from inflatable trampolines, even the best trampoline can not dissolve in air after jumping. If you have opted for an indoor version, often results in a space problem. To avoid this, there are also foldable trampolines, These mini trampolines can after the workout disassembled in a few simple steps and folded up.

3. Purchase criteria for a trampoline: Fit or Fun

3.1. The right location

Before you decide to buy your personal trampoline test winner, you should reconsider where the device should be installed, A trampoline with a diameter of 305 cm may just fit into a generous loft; However, you should not dare a somersault, as the ceiling could possibly be in the way.

Big trampolines are best suited for a garden, There, the maximum jump height can be achieved without a disturbing barrier. In addition, it is recommended to remove all obstacles within a radius of two meters around the trampoline. In this way possible collisions with fences, etc. can be avoided.

If you are looking for a permanent solution for your garden, there are so-called ground trampoline (Also called Inground trampoline), which often have a rectangular basic shape. Below the jumping mat, however, there must be a sufficiently deep pit to prevent impact on the ground. The following video shows you how to build an inground trampoline:

But even smaller indoor trampolines must find their ideal place. If you are in one live very clairaudient apartment, pay attention to the suspension when buying a trampoline, as it may squeak. Trampolines, which are covered exclusively with rubber ropes, are significantly quieter.

3.2. Fitness or leisure

In addition to the optimal location is the Usage essential for your purchase decision. If you buy a cheap trampoline, you should already have decided whether you purchase a training device want or first and foremost one Pastime for the whole family search. You burn calories with all the devices in our trampoline test, but not every model is suitable for children or can be used for specific training or sport.

Rule of thumb: The larger the diameter of your trampoline, the more suitable the device is for children.

3.3. Everything is easier for two

After the purchase is before the construction. Building a trampoline - especially the big garden trampolines - requires some time first. Many manufacturers, e.g. Hudora, Berg, Ultrasport, Ampel 24 or Kettler, give a great estimate of how much time the construction can take. Depending on the model 30 minutes to two hours estimated.

In addition, the manufacturers advise to to carry out the construction in pairs, Thus, especially the tensioning of the springs is easier by the hand. Handicraft knowledge as well as own tools can not hurt either.

3.4. What can a trampoline endure?

Usually the manufacturer gives one maximum load limit on. In garden trampolines this is in our test on average at 160 kg, it is much lower in fitness trampolines. There the indication moves between 100 and 140 kg.

In any case, make sure that the Maximum weight not exceeded Otherwise, both the jumping sheet, the suspension and possibly your bones can be damaged.

4. Care and trampoline accessories

Trampoline comparison 2018: trampoline

Even when trampolining the comfort must not be missing: With a ladder you simply climb through the safety net.

A trampoline tends to be low maintenance. Garden trampolines are made weatherproof material and his hammock usually has a UV-resistant coating. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do that Remove trampoline in the cold season or at least submit a suitable weather cover.

Apart from that, you should regularly check all the springs under the protective trampoline edge cover on all trampolines. Examine these shortcomings, there are corresponding spare parts at the respective manufacturer.

Also, the trampoline network should occasionallyto be checked for holes and defects, This also applies to the zipper, through the opening you can get in and out. Incidentally, children are advised to buy a ladder to make getting in easier.

5. FAQ about trampoline

5.1. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

So far, the foundation has not yet fully dealt with the topic of trampoline. That means they were too no specific product tests yet carried out by the testing institute. However, the Stiftung Warentest in a message from the year 2015, points out how hazardous Trampoline jumping under certain circumstances for children can be. Therefore, parents are particularly encouraged to keep an eye on their children on the trampoline. In addition, it is recommended to buy only trampolines that have a GS mark (GS for tested safety) or a TÜV certificate.

5.2. How many calories does the trampoline burn?

Trampoline comparison 2018: trampoline

With a little practice, a trampoline fitness success can quickly set.

Trampoline jumping is not only clear gentler on the joints than joggingIt also burns more calories. Depending on the appropriate body weight can up to 750 calories per hour to be burned. How many calories you are using exactly with trampoline fitness, you can calculate here.

ReboundingBy the way, as trampoline sport is also called, this is not a new discovery. As early as 1980, NASA pointed out in a study that it hardly a more effective training method as a trampoline jumping. Trampoline exercises are also good for your health.

5.3. How long does a hammock last?

The longevity of a spring mat depends on the first Useful life and the location from. If the trampoline is outside in the garden and is exposed to the weather, the skis will wear much faster than an indoor trampoline. Therefore, always pay attention to loose threads and gray areas on the mat. This indicates that it is time to invest in a new cloth.

You can buy a new jumping sheet from the manufacturer or in an online shop. Depending on the size of the trampoline you should plan between 50 and 100 euros.

5.4. When can children use a trampoline?

All in all, this question can not be answered because the respective Stage of development of the child - in terms of fine and gross motor skills - must be considered. Although there are already trampolines for children from three years, it is recommended that the child is very slow to get acquainted with the trampoline. Right then you can get started Children of school age, Especially the sense of balance can greatly benefit from regular trampoline jumping.

However, caution is advised: Although trampolines sometimes seem like toys, they are primarily sports equipment and possibly very dangerous for children. Therefore, they should only do gymnastics on the mat under supervision and better not in pairs to avoid collisions.

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