The transparent balcony windbreak

Due to their location balconies are often draughty and windy. Remedy here creates a balcony windbreak. But not every material is equally well suited, for example, if at the same time it is a privacy screen and so the view can no longer be enjoyed. So many a windscreen for the balcony should be transparent.

High balconies often have beautiful views, but are windy

Due to its location on a facade and the height to the ground, it can be quite windy on a balcony. Finally, obstacles such as bushes and trees are often missing, which protect well-located balconies and terraces well. At the same time, for many a balcony on the top floors also means a wonderful view. The strong wind now makes a windbreak necessary, but should not act as a screen.

A transparent windbreak does not block the vision

In these cases, the choice falls on a transparent windbreak for the balcony. Although this protects the wind protective, but because it is transparent, the magnificent view is not lost. Even with balconies on single-family homes or the only balcony on one floor, there is no reason for a real lateral Balkonsichtschutz.

Materials for a transparent balcony windbreak

As a material different products come into question, because not only glass can be used as a transparent windbreak for the balcony:

  • Glass panes as a windbreak
  • Plastic sheets as privacy screens (acrylic glass, polycarbonate, PVC etc.)
  • Plastic films as a transparent windbreak

The choice of windbreak not only depends on your taste

Which of these materials is suitable for your transparent windscreen does not always depend entirely on your personal taste. In addition to the different costs, existing balcony plants can also turn into a concrete material.

Plants need UV radiation

For example, if there is only a simple and open railing, but plants are behind it, it may be that they depend on the sunlight shining through the railing. If you were to install a balcony windscreen made of glass, that would prevent the UV radiation.

This is good for us humans, but plants are absolutely dependent on it. With transparent plastic sheets made of acrylic, polycarbonate or other plastics, however, there are products that also let through the UV radiation and thus support the growth of plants.

When the transparent windbreak bundles heat

However, it can also be important that your windscreen simultaneously provides thermal insulation. Imagine, your glass windscreen acts as a heat-enhancing magnifying glass. Then it can be so hot on the balcony in the sunshine that it is unbearable.

Glass and strong wind

But other weather and weather conditions must be considered. If you opt for glass and at the same time want to install a very large glass surface as a windbreak on your balcony, the gusts of wind can have a massive effect on the glass.

Always start from the heaviest expected gusts

Especially with the side balcony windbreak can press a sudden gust vigorously on the glass plate. Since glass is a very brittle material, there is a high risk of breakage, especially with thin single glass. But you can counteract this with safety glass. Even cheaper would be gluing the glass windscreen with a transparent film. Nevertheless, a glass windscreen should have at least 10 mm thickness.

Fixing the windbreak on the balcony

In addition, you must also think about how to attach your transparent windbreak. Often a wind or privacy screen for the balcony without drilling must be attached, which would increase the risk of breakage, especially in glass considerably. The balcony windscreen made of Plexiglas is then often the only alternative. A screening screen set up like a screen is allowed to fall down without the acrylic breaking because it is very impact resistant and unbreakable.

Tips & Tricks

In any case, you should also neglect legal aspects of your windbreak. Not everything that can be implemented on the balcony as a sight and wind protection may not always be implemented in your home. Up to the railing or parapet height that is not a problem, but very well, if the windshield extends beyond. In addition, according to the property management, landlord or owner community also a uniform facade can be prescribed. Then only permitted materials may be used.

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