Trapezoidal sheet insulated has a high insulation value

The applications of insulated trapezoidal sheet metal are almost unlimited. These sandwich panels are made of two layers, a visible metal shell and a backsheet. They offer a great deal of design options, also in terms of color.

From the renovation to the new building

Insulated trapezoidal panels are used for renovations as well as in new buildings, for garden houses, carports, garages, storage rooms and stables, they are also ideal.

Properties of insulated trapezoidal sheets:

  • low weight
  • high insulation value
  • various design options
  • Available with visible or hidden attachment
  • excellent price / performance ratio

A sheet in sandwich form

Another reason for trapezoidal sheets with insulation is the fast mounting to the wall and roof. The sandwich panels, as they are also called, consist of an outer shell, which usually consists of galvanized or coated sheet steel.

The thickness of the sheet is usually 0.4 to 0.6 mm, for industrial buildings, it is usually thicker. As with the standard trapezoidal sheets, it is specially treated and usually covered with a colored layer.

The core of the slab is made of rigid polyurethane foam, partly also panels with a rock wool core are used for fire protection reasons. This is non-combustible material.

The "sandwich" construction makes the trapezoidal sheets load-bearing and highly heat-insulating. These insulated panels are an alternative to traditional wall and roof structures. An insulation layer of 4 mm effectively protects against rain and brings optimal thermal insulation. The density of the inner core is also decisive for the price of iso-plates.

The manufacturers often grant special prices

Insulated trapezoidal sheets are available at a special price starting at € 14.50 per square meter. As a rule, prices between 18 and 25, - Euro are common. Depending on where you order, you should also include the freight costs.

  • produces Isopaneele, a special sandwich panel with GRP underside for use in agriculture is on offer.
  • also offers a pickup at the factory.
  • markets insulated sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheets.

Tips & Tricks

Also available are trapezoidal sheets, which are insulated on the inside with aluminum foil. This design is cheaper than conventionally insulated steel sheet. They are also useful in areas exposed to ammonia, such as in agricultural stables.

Video Board: Kingspan Insulated Panels Installation Video