Buying a trapezoid sheet is worth considering

Trapezoidal sheeting can serve as a material for walls and roofs, they are inexpensive and easy to install. Used trapezoidal sheets are an alternative, but there are a few factors to consider and consider before buying.

The choice of material

If you are looking for material for the covering of your garden house or carport, you need a reasonably priced material. Small traces of use, scratches or color errors are usually not important

In this case, used trapezoidal sheets are a way to save costs. But before making a purchase you should keep a few points in mind so that you do not make a mistake. First, you should know a few things about the sheets, on the other hand, the market situation into account.

The properties

Trapezoidal sheets get their stability through the trapezoidal shape. The advantages are the low weight and the load capacity. In terms of fire and sound insulation, the sheets have rather disadvantages. The material is corrosion resistant through a special coating. Additional special treatments prevent condensation or enhance noise protection.

In addition to this knowledge, you also need to know where, which material is suitable. Roof and wall materials differ in their thickness or surface structure. In terms of color, the various possible RAL colors fulfill almost all wishes.

Cheap is not always good

Often the manufacturers offer 2nd choice trapezoidal sheets, which have only optical defects and are unused. These are delivered ready-cut and are no more expensive than used trapezoidal sheets.

Tips for buying used trapezoidal sheets

  • Check if the length of the sheets is sufficient.
  • Take a close look at cracks and dents.
  • Sheets bent across the profile no longer have stability.
  • Check boreholes and edges for rusty spots.
  • Calculate the transport with.

Prices and offers at private and commercial providers

The prices for trapezoidal sheet metal used is about 2, - Euro / square meter and goes up to 10, - Euro.

  • On offer both commercial and private providers used sheets.
  • has 2nd choice Trapezoidal Sheets at a reasonable price.
  • offers 2nd choice quality, but unused.

Tips & Tricks

If you have bought used trapezoidal sheets, seal the cut edges with special repair paint. Even small damage can be repaired with it, so the rust formation is prevented.

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