Trash can, trash can and garbage bin

The bigger the family, the more it starts: garbage. But where with the stinking stuff? Quite clear: in the dustbin or trash can and finally in the dustbin. But what trash cans is there? What size should have my garbage bin? How much does it cost Waste disposal at all? If you ask yourself such questions, we can answer them and inform you in detail about trash cans, trash cans and garbage cans.

Trash can and trash can

Let's start with the smallest unit: the dustbin, also called trash can or waste bin. The Trashcan is for the household thought and allows pre-sorting of the garbage. Many models usually consist of two, sometimes three, separate, smaller buckets, which are occasionally kept in the colors of the tons for which the garbage is later intended.

However, this compartment separation is not given in all variants, which is why you sometimes need more than a trash can in the house. The The size of the trash can also depends on the roomin which they stand. So there are trashcans for kitchen & household or trash cans for the bathroom. Dustbins in the kitchen are mostly larger and equipped with the mentioned subjects. In the bathroom a trash can is usually only one compartment and is much smaller, because in the bathroom not so much garbage accumulates.

You should also consider whether a trash can be seen, or if you prefer to hide it behind a door. If the trash can not be seen, is aInstallation trash can the best solution. If you do not care if the bin is visible then you can either go to a Push trash can - The higher, with a flap, but is set up with only one compartment - or toTrash can as a pedal bin - Lower than the push trash can, but equipped with foot pedal to open and with different compartments - grab. While the installation trash cans and trash cans are often used in the kitchen, push trashcans are a good solution for office rooms or generally rooms where paper waste is the main problem. The push trash can is a convenient solution to make paper disappear without having to think big about waste separation. In the kitchen, on the other hand, should be very on the waste separation which makes the different subjects particularly practical.

Garbage bags and garbage bags

So you do not have to clean your trash can again and again, you should use garbage bags or garbage bags. This not only keeps the trash can clean, but also ensures that unwelcome small animals get close to the garbage or even nest themselves in it and form offspring.

trash cans

At some point even the largest bin will be too small for household waste. And who wants to keep all the trash in the apartment? Remedy creates the garbage bin or several garbage cans, because finally there are garbage cans in black, brown, yellow, green or blue.

A garbage bin is made of a plastic material that is particularly stable and resistant to all types of climate impact. Therefore, garbage cans can not melt even with high and direct sunlight. Although not recommended to leave the bin in the sun, but rather with the flies and their maggots has to do that can collect and hatch in it.

Occasionally, however, you also see metal bins, which are mostly intended for the disposal of hot ashes or acidic waste. In the past there were also garbage cans without wheels. Such garbage cans were round and could be moved with a twisting motion. But because they were particularly heavy filled, they were gradually replaced by the plastic versions with wheels.

Dustbin two- and vierrädrig

There is even a special name for a garbage bin with two wheels and a trash can with four wheels. First, there is the basic designation EN 840, which stands for "mobile waste containers" and applies to every garbage bin. This designation is then extended by another number. A wheeled bin with two wheels is an EN 840-1, and a wheeled bin with four wheels is an EN 840-2 or 3. Whether it's a 2 or 3 depends on how the wheelie bin is closed. Either whether the lid is pushed or held by an extra lever and kept open.

Four-wheeled garbage cans have a much higher capacity. Because a two-wheeled garbage can can 40l, 60l, 80l, 120l, 140l, 180l, 240l or 340 / 360l as a four-wheeled garbage bin starts at 400l and over 500l, 660l, 770l, 1000l and 1100l increases.

Garbage can colorful

In NRW e.g. You know the black, yellow, brown and blue garbage bin, while in Berlin you also know the green garbage bin. That's because that the assignment of garbage can colors be regulated regionally, But most of the time the brown garbage bin stands for organic waste, the yellow garbage bin for recyclable materials, the black bin for residual waste and the blue garbage bin for paper garbage. The green garbage bin used in Berlin is also used for glass recycling, while in many other cities large, fixed glass containers are used.

Garbage bin panel and garbage bin sticker

Anyone who claims garbage cans look boring or ugly is probably right. But hiding is just one way not to constantly have to look at the monotonous colors of a garbage can. If you do not want to paint your garbage can yourself, you can also use dustbin stickers to beautify.

And if you do not find a suitable dustbin sticker, you can still hide the garbage bin, which is best used with a garbage bin cover. If the garbage bin cladding in the trade does not meet your expectations, you can of course also lend a hand. It is up to you how you ultimately design the garbage bin cover. But we would like to give you a few general tips.

Build garbage bin paneling

The surface should always be fixed. Keep in mind that such a garbage bin cladding offers an even bigger wind attack surface than a garbage bin anyway. If the substrate is made of concrete, you can simply screw in the bracket. Do you have your dustbin, for example? standing in the garden and want the Trash cans lining On a grassy area, you should concretize point or strip foundations and take in beam shoes. The beam shoes prevent direct contact between the wood and the soil and thus can not weather. And just because the trash can lining is constantly exposed to the weather, you should choose a weather-resistant painting.

If you would like to beautify the trash can panel with your own picture, which you can paint, you could use this picture, for example. Project with a projector on the trash can lining and then simply sign off.