Trashcan comparison 2018

Purchase advice for trash can comparison or test 2018

  • In the dustbin, you collect the waste and debris that accumulates in your household until you dispose of it together with the garbage bag in the big waste bin.
  • For the household, there are many types of trash cans: In addition to the classic trash are e.g. Pedal bin, trash can with hinged lid, spring cover and sensor available.
  • The best dustbin convinces with durable material, sufficient capacity and a chic look.

Trashcan comparison 2018: comparison

"Honey, are you bringing the garbage down?" An unloved question, trash cans in the kitchen and bathroom are for most people not only associated with unpleasant odors, but also with greasy waste residues. A study on the occurrence of bacteria in the household shows thatDustbins per 10 cm² surface come to 124,000 bacteria(Source: University of Hannover).

In our detailed dustbin comparison 2018, we present you the best trash cans on the market. In our purchase advice you will find out which important criteria you should pay attention to: the material, the capacity, ease of use and last but not least an appealing look.

1. Waste production: Germany is European champion

Waste separation: That's right
  • Black ton: Residual waste, window and mirror glass, animal litter
  • Brown or green bin: Organic waste (fruit and vegetable remains, coffee filters, kitchen roll, plants, leaves)
  • Blue bin: Paper, cardboard, cardboard, newspapers
  • Yellow bin or yellow sack: Plastic packaging, plastics, metal cans
  • Red ton: small electrical appliances, CDs and DVDs, metals
  • glass tons: Clear and stained glass (sorted by color)

No nation in Europe produces as much packaging waste as Germany: In 2013, there were already more than 200 kilograms per capita (source: Die Welt). More than two-thirds of the garbage pile is made up of food packaging, including delivery service packaging and coffee-to-go cups, as well as paper and cardboard packaging material for online orders.

After all, separates the great majority of Germans their garbage exemplary, This is shown by a recent survey on waste separation in Germany (Source: Statista). Only two percent do not sort their waste. Whole 80 percent separate the organic waste from the residual waste, 90 percent bring their waste glass to the container and 96 percent also sort out the accumulated waste paper.

Trashcan comparison 2018: trash

The waste sorter color system simplifies waste separation.

In search of the best bin You have different models to choose from: For exemplary waste separation, for example, a suitable Waste separation system very good with several subjects. This is often as installation trash and a bit less than a freestanding pedal bin available.

Our following purchase advice is dedicated to the different categories of freestanding trash cans: From the simple classicwhose lid you raise by hand, about the practical pedal binthat can be opened by kicking, to the modern Trash can with sensorwhich opens with the help of a motion detector.

2. These types of freestanding waste bins exist

Freestanding wastebins can be divided into the following categories:

Trash typeparticularity

Trashcan comparison 2018: trashcan

  • Lid is lifted by hand
  • has a particularly large opening: waste does not stick, the garbage bags can be changed quickly
  • especially suitable as a wastebasket
pedal bin

Trashcan comparison 2018: trashcan

pedal bin
  • Lid is lifted by foot
  • especially convenient, because even without use dcer hands easy to open
Dustbin with hinged lid

Trashcan comparison 2018: comparison

Dustbin with hinged lid
  • Lid is vibrated by hand
  • works after filling works by itself
Dustbin with spring lid

Trashcan comparison 2018: trashcan

Dustbin with spring lid
  • The lid is opened inwards or outwards with the touch principle
  • a relatively small lid opening
Dustbin with sliding lid

Trashcan comparison 2018: waste

Trash can with sliding lid
  • usually round lid is pushed upwards
  • relatively small lid opening
Trash can with sensor

Trashcan comparison 2018: comparison

Dustbin with sensor
  • opens with a motion detector - therefore requires batteries
  • particularly hygienic: waste does not stick
  • looks very modern

3. Purchase criteria for garbage cans

3.1. Capacity: For singles, 10 liters are enough, families need up to 50 liters

Do you have a multi-person household or do you live as a single? It is obvious: The volume of a trash can container should be higher the more people share it.

As a guideline is: For the single household suffice 10 to 15 liters. For two or more people, you need a trash can with a capacity of 30 to 50 liters.

See at this point in our dustbin comparison 2018, which advantages and disadvantages brings a large trash can in comparison to the small trash can with it:

  • spacious: enough space for households with multiple occupants
  • practical and comfortable: less frequent bag changes than small waste baskets
  • robust: and stable
  • prolonged storage attracts flies, maggots and odors
  • at a size of 50 liters: elaborate cleaning

3.2. Material: Stainless steel is particularly robust and durable

Generally, garbage cans are produced from two materials:

  • Plastic (easy to clean)
  • Metal or stainless steel (robust, durable)

We recommend that you use the durable stainless steel version.

3.3. Handling: The better the product is processed, the easier the usage

Trashcan comparison 2018: 2018

An eye-catcher for your kitchen: the Curver pedal bin with NY print.

The more you use the garbage collector, the more convenient its locking system should be. Both a sufficiently large opening and an easy-to-open lid speak for ease of use.

The best garbage bin ensures that no unpleasant odors emerge through an almost seamless transition between container and closure line.

3.4. Optics: trash cans must not be a stain

For some it may be a trivial matter, for others it is the tip of the scales in the purchase decision: The look of the trash can.

If you attach great importance to aesthetics, you must like the bin. Waste collectors are no longer exclusively in neutral gray or black, but some in very appealing designs from plain to colorful available.

However, if you want to have your trash completely out of sight, choose one Installation trash. This disappears behind the closet door.

Clean trash can: It is obvious that regular dustbin cleaning is important for the hygiene in your household. Clean the waste basket (in addition to the regular bag change) at least every fourteen days with detergent and disinfectant.

4. FAQ: Questions and answers about trash cans

4.1. Which manufacturers and brands are recommended?

You are wondering where you are Buy the best bin can and how deep you have to pocket it? The largest selection can be found online (for example, Amazon). Also in the hardware store or in the specialized trade for household goods you can find something.

Trashcan comparison 2018: trash

Practical: a waste bin for organic waste, hung directly under the worktop of the kitchen.

Take advantage of the advantages of the online market to your advantage: You benefit from the variety of different products, the transparent price comparison basis and the experience reports of other buyers.

Two domestic manufacturers share the market for trash cans in Germany: Hailo (Year of foundation: 1947, registered office: Haiger) and Wesco (Founding year 1867, registered office: Arnsberg).

You can find low-priced models from brands like Alpfa, Deuba or Rotho. Here you enter for a cheap trash canbetween 15 and 30 euros out.

It gets a bit more expensive with manufacturers like Hailo, Wesco and Curver. Expect a price of around 35 to 75 euros for a very good product.

Get an overview of this recommended manufacturers and brandsthat should not be missing in any trash can test besides the Hailo and Wesco models:

  • Alpfa
  • Blanco
  • Brabantia
  • Curver
  • Deuba
  • Franke
  • Hailo
  • Kufa
  • rotho
  • TecTake
  • Wesco

4.2. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

Trashcan comparison 2018: trash

Organic bags are not degradable as soon as thought.

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet chosen a dustbin test winner. However, in its issue 02/2015, the testing institute published an informative article on the topic of biodegradable bio-bags.

This e.g. garbage bags produced from corn starch are said to rot like biowaste themselves and therefore seem to offer compostable biowaste.

However, they are rejected by numerous municipal waste disposal services, as well as by the Association of Humus and Earth Industry and the German Environmental Aid. The reason for this is that the organic bags rot too slowly. As a result, biodegradable plastics currently do not have a better overall eco-balance than conventional plastics.

Tip: It is best to use paper bags, old newspaper or kitchen roll to collect your bio-waste. These absorb the moisture and odors of biowaste and are also biodegradable.

4.3. What helps with fruit flies in the dustbin?

Trashcan comparison 2018: comparison

With an appropriate system for waste separation, bad smells, maggots and fruit flies have no chance.

Usually it is already in the early summer so far: As soon as you cut a sweet fruit, dozens annoying fruit flies collect around the organic waste in your kitchen.

If you do not want to carry the organic waste immediately to the bio bin, you should go to one Well closing lid of your trash can Make sure that the fruit flies are not attracted to the sweet smell of rotting fruit and regularly carry your biowaste outside.

4.4. What to do with maggots in the bin?

If you cause meat waste (such as leftovers on bones) when cooking, or if you keep raw meat in your refrigerator beyond its expiration date, you should dispose of it immediately. Throw it in the trash can of your kitchen, you should Change the garbage bag immediatelyeven if it is not quite full.

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