Register garbage - here comes the garbage bin

Regionally, there are some differences as to how and where the garbage needs to be registered. Before signing up, the consumer should also be thinking. Otherwise, the garbage issue can quickly become a financial burden. Here we show you which variants are available for garbage collection and how you can register your garbage.

Apartment or house?

Tenants in an apartment often have the advantage that the landlord has to take care of the garbage disposal. You only have to tell him how much volume you need. However, that always depends on the number of people in the household. Mostly a certain barrel size is prescribed in liters per person.

In large rental units, however, are often provided for the individual residents no extra tons, but it gets the entire waste in a collection container. Here you usually have no influence on the refuse containers.

Municipality - City Administration - Bürgerbüro

If you need or want to register garbage collection yourself, you should go to the local government. However, this is usually no longer necessary today, because most of the villages have also made the planning of garbage containers available on their websites. At least there is the possibility to obtain information about the costs and container sizes in advance.

  • landlord
  • Municipal administration / civil office
  • Disposal operation on site

How much garbage does my household cause?

Before going to church, you should look at how many cans you have and how much trash you and your family actually cause. You should also check the savings potential. If baby diapers do not pop up soon, you'd better order a smaller one.

Then sometimes the interval of the emptying can be changed. In some areas, the normal discharge occurs every 14 days. If you need fewer empties there, you can arrange a four-week discharge.

Tips & Tricks

Often we all deal with the waste a bit carelessly. Many things then end up in the dustbin for convenience. However, you can significantly reduce your waste and thus the costs if you work very carefully during sorting. Of course, you do not have to go to the glass container because of a wine bottle, but today they are often already in the shopping center in the parking lot. You can also dispose of the bottles when shopping.

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