Dispose of garbage bin - where to go with the bin?

Even garbage cans do not live forever, then many wonder where to put the old garbage bin? Depending on whether the trash can belongs to you or whether it is only provided by the disposal company, the disposal of the bin behaves differently. How to find out where you can exchange the garbage can in your area is shown here.

Dispose of residual waste bin - or replace?

In many households, the garbage bin for the residual waste actually belongs to the disposal company. That is, it is merely provided. If the bin is now defective, you usually only have to call the waste disposal company and inform them of the defect, so that the bin is exchanged. However, it may be that the damage will be charged to you if the blame for destroying the dustbin lies with you.

If the bin belongs to you, you will need to purchase a new bin if it is damaged. As a precaution, ask yourself if the seller of the new ton might take the old one with you. Otherwise, the bin usually belongs in the bulky waste. If you want to get rid of the old garbage bin as quickly as possible, you can usually hand it in at a collection point in your city.

  • Disposer exchanges ton
  • own tons must be in the bulky waste
  • Take the cask to the recycling center yourself

Trash can in the trash?

As we have to sort every bit of waste today, we often have true sorting centers in the kitchens. These trash cans then have at least two areas, but often even four individual inner container. So you can collect residual waste, recyclables, biowaste and maybe even paper right in a large center. But what if this garbage collector beats its life, because in the most common waste bin this large construct fits in the rarest cases.

In fact, you can either hand over these collection centers to a recycling center or the garbage bin is simply a bulky waste. So it's usually easier to try to disassemble the good piece yourself and then take it away.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to register bulky waste, ask your waste management company or the local waste consultant how much can be disposed of per year for free. If the garbage collector is still reasonably intact and you just do not like it anymore, you can also try to give away the good piece in the classifieds.

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