Drop a tree: you have to expect these costs!

Sometimes it is necessary to fell a larger tree on your own property. Maybe the tree has to give way as a result of a construction project, or it simply is not intact anymore, thus posing a danger to pedestrians. What are the costs?

These factors determine the price!

An important cost factor when felling a tree is the space around the tree. Trimming and subsequent dropping takes much less time and therefore costs less than disassembling from the top.

Of course, the price calculation also depends on the height and branching of the tree to be felled. Felling or disassembling an old oak does much more work than removing a much smaller fruit tree.

If it is a protected tree, you will need to obtain a chargeable Felling Permit from your local authority. As a rule, trees with a trunk circumference of less than 60 cm are not protected, but inquire better according to the regional laws.

Keep in mind that tree rooting and waste disposal are also costly. Sometimes these two components are included in the overall offer. For the dismantling of a tree, the expert needs a hydraulic lift, the rental fee is paid by the client.

Concrete figures: That costs the felling of a tree!

Our price examples help you to estimate the costs of your own tree removal project. Of course, these are purely guideline values ​​that may vary up or down in your specific case.

  • Drop 10 to 15 m high tree, disassemble from above, dispose of small wood, no root removal, large pieces of wood remain with the client: 200 to 400 EUR.
  • Preparation of larger pieces of wood than firewood: 50 to 100 EUR
  • Remove and discard stumps: 60 to 150 EUR
  • Daily rent for the hydraulic lift: 100 to 150 EUR
  • Tree Permit Fee: 40 to 90 EUR

Attention: big price differences!

Significant price differences for tree felling make a cost comparison worthwhile. As stated above, the usual price for removing a 10 to 15m tall tree is between 200 and 400 EUR - and it can be even more expensive!

Get various offers from professional landscape gardeners and forest managers to find the most cost-effective option for you. To save money, as a layman you should not do one thing for your own safety: cut the tree yourself.

Cost example: An oak is to be felled

On a new plot is a 15 m high old oak, which is not quite healthy. The city grants a Fällgenehmigung, the tree should completely disappear along with root and must be completely disassembled for it.

Cost overviewprice
1. Felling permit70 EUR
2. Hydraulic lift120 EUR
3. Fall tree by disassembling300 EUR
4. Root removal100 EUR
5. Produce firewood60 EUR
total650 EUR

Observe tree-hunting times

The felling of trees is forbidden between the 1st of March and the 31st of September! This regulation is intended to protect the nesting sites of birds. Even large shrubs may not be removed during the specified period.

Tips & Tricks

Search out the tree protection ordinance of your municipality on the Internet - or call the Bürgerbüro. Equipped with the appropriate information, you can be sure that you do not violate any laws.

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