Boxwood shear comparison 2018

Purchase advice for boxwood shear comparison or test 2018

  • Boxwood shears make gardening easier, as they specialize in the frequent trimming of Buxus trees: they can cut through hard branches and give a precise shape.
  • The handles of good boxwood scissors should therefore be padded to prevent sore hands. The blades are very sharp and can be sharpened if necessary.
  • The classic one-hand scissors are designed for precise precision cutting. This is also done by the bypass scissors and opens on its own. The two-handed scissors cuts large areas.

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: scissors

Experienced gardeners know: A secateurs is not like the other one. The more specific the application, the more accurate the cutting tool must be. The claim of many gardeners is to bring the growth of boxwood in spite of the hard branches in an accurate form.

Therefore, we made a comprehensive product comparison in 2018 and searched for the best boxwood scissors. In this guide, you'll learn all about what types of bushers are good for, what rippled blades are all about, and what manufacturers have come up with to make your job easier.

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: boxwood

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1. For the very hard in the garden: boxwood shears can handle them

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: boxwood

Buxus with the right pair of scissors.

The requirements for a boxwood shears are high: Finally, the branches of the Buxus are surprisingly strong even in small representatives of the genus. They form with dense green leaves a dense growth, which is suitable for a shape cut as a ball, cuboid or figure. In order to maintain these forms, must be regularly cut.

Boxwood shears meet this task profile. They are so strong and sharpthat they also create larger areas such as box hedges, without the hand fatigued by the long work. At the same time they are compact enough that you can control and precisely apply them where an exact shape cut is desired.

2. Cuts: These categories of pincers are available

Although all boxwood shears are suitable for trimming plants of this genus, the manufacturers have Developed special forms that facilitate certain applications even further. So if you want to buy a boxwood shears, you have the choice between the following three types:

one-handed scissors

bypass shears

Two hand shears

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: shear

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: comparison

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: 2018

for the fine cutfor the fine cutfor the shape cut

  • short blades for precise cutting
  • for thin and medium strong branches
  • comfortable finger loop

Per: precise

Per: handy

Per: no slipping

Cons: only for small areas


  • short blades for precise cutting
  • very sharp
  • for thin branches
  • opens automatically by spring tension

Per: precise

Per: handy

Per: automatic opening

Cons: only for small areas


  • long blades for strong power
  • for medium and thick branches
  • Rubberized handles for easy work

Per: powerfully

Per: effective for large areas

Per: low-fatigue work

Cons: not for precise cuts

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: comparison

3. Purchase Criteria: How to find the right boxwood scissors

3.1. Sound

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: shear

Blades with serrated edge.

For a good cutting result several characteristics of the blades are crucial: As can be seen from the above product table, some scissors have simple and other double ground blades. This specification refers to the two sides of the blade - on double-ground models they are sharp on the outside and inside, which makes them particularly effective. Especially with hard and thick branches, the cutting is easier. Cheap boxwood shears are often in a worse position than higher priced ones.

Another characteristic of high quality blades is their cut. Most boxwood scissors have straight cut blades. These are easy to close and are known to many users of other types of scissors. Alternatively, many high quality scissors have a serrated edge. This allows branches to fix when closing the blades and slip out less easily.

3.2. Suspension and shock absorbers

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: shear

Boxwood scissors with suspension.

Especially when it comes to cutting large areas, as is the case with boxwood hedges, comfort is an important criterion. After all, after prolonged cutting operations, otherwise tired or even aching hands threaten the gardening considerably.

The best means, however, are suspension and shock absorption. They reduce the impact that results from the sudden closing of the blades. Shock absorbers are located on the inside of the handles and compensate for the impact of the blades. A suspension works in a similar way: it prevents the blade from jerking by a counterpressure and automatically opens it again as soon as you loosen the grip.

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: boxwood

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: scissors

In tests of boxwood scissors, these features are often considered prerequisites for bringing a product to the test winner.

3.3. handles

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: boxwood

Two-handed scissors with padded handles.

To make working with the boxwood scissors even easier, some brands have further developed the handles of their models.

So the handles of good scissors have a rubber layer or even gel cushion. These prevent blisters on the hands.

A rubber coating can also help prevent the hand from slipping off the handle. An alternative to this is a dimpled or roughened surface. So a rubber coating not only provides the convenience of cutting, but also ensures greater safety.

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: shear

These extras play a role especially for two-handed scissors, as one-handed scissors can hardly slip away by their handle loop.

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: boxwood

4. Frequently Asked Questions about Boxwood Shears

4.1. How can I prevent discoloration of the leaves on the Buxus?

Sharpen blades

Incidentally, many hardware stores offer the service to hone your garden tools. This usually costs less than 10 euros.

The brownish leaves, which many garden owners observe on their box trees, can have several reasons.

An avoidable cause is that the bush was cut in the blazing sun. To prevent the freshly cut leaves from burning, it is best to trim the plant when the sky is overcast.

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: shear

Rain: Good for the plant, but not for trimming.

Even wet weather is not suitable for cutting. Here threatened by the freshly cut branches fungal attack, which can also be felt by brown leaves.

Also, be sure to clean the blades of the scissors after each use. How to prevent, for example, a fungal infection by cutting from a plant on all the plants in the garden transfers.

4.2. How do I cut a boxwood?

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: boxwood

Cutting grid in pyramid shape.

In order to accurately shape the boxwood or shrub, there are practical aids. During cutting, you can attach metal grids to the bush that have the desired shape.

This makes it easy to trim the plant into a variety of forms:

  1. Buchsbaumkugel
  2. Boxwood pyramid
  3. Boxwood animal

4.3. Is there a recommendation from Stiftung Warentest?

A Buchsbaumscheren test winner you look at the Stiftung Warentest so far in vain. The testing institute has not yet dealt with this product group. However, if you are interested in a hedge trimmer test, you may well find it on the website.

Finally, we have once again collected all the important advantages and disadvantages of boxwood shears for your purchase advice:

  • for detailed shape cutting and large area cutting
  • can create original shapes with auxiliary grids
  • do not need electricity like many other secateurs
  • For mold and surface cutting, special scissors types are required

Boxwood shear comparison 2018: comparison

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