The trend towards wooden stands

As building material, wood is enjoying growing popularity. That's why the wooden stands are back in focus. In principle, there is no difference between the metal stud frame and the wooden stud frame in the structure. Both of these in drywall as scaffolding and are anchored to the floor, the ceiling or an already standing wall. Thus, then the drywall panels can be mounted.

The material list

  • Squares
  • Trennwandband
  • mineral wool
  • PE film
  • Drywall screws

The frame course of the framework must be accurately marked in advance. Conveniently, it turns out if a wide piece of wood (about 7.5 cm) is used. A plumb bob allows the correct transfer of the dimensions from the ceiling to the floor. The dimensions of squared lumber must not be less than 5 x 8 cm.

The frame

The first vertical longitudinal profile is aligned with a spirit level and anchored in the wall with the impact screws. Since it can be assumed that the distance between ceiling and floor can vary, before measuring the vertically extending profiles, measurements should be taken individually. Between the longitudinal profiles, a maximum distance of 50 cm is to be observed. The horizontal ceiling and floor profiles are also fixed with impact screws. The sides of the squared timbers, which have direct contact with the wall of the ceiling and the floor, should be provided with the dividing wall band. Before retracting the cross struts, it is important to constantly check that the frame of the stud is vertical. Therefore, when buying the material, make sure that the square timbers have a straight course.

The cross struts

By drawing in cross struts creates a triangular connection. The wood stand gets its first stop. The distance between cross struts is at a wooden stand, in order to achieve the correct stability between 40 and 50 cm.
Once the lumber stand has stopped, check again that the edges are flat. Unevenness can be compensated with sandpaper. Before the planking (installation of the panels) can begin with the plasterboard, the mineral wool for insulation and the PE film as a vapor barrier to place in the stud and fix it.


When selecting the squared timbers, it is important to ensure that they are already impregnated. This can be seen from the fact that the squared timbers have a greenish color.

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