Open triangular window - the shape decides

Triangular windows are a special form in window construction. Since they are usually much more expensive than rectangular normal windows, a function for the opening is often dispensed with. Depending on the shape but there are different variants in the opening of a triangle window. Whether you should have a turn-tilt function installed, we show here.

Single or double triangular window

The design as a single-leaf window or as a double wing is also crucial for the function of the triangular shape. The corresponding functions are usually housed in the central spar in a double triangular window.

central stringer

Just by the hinges and tilt bracket, the central spar can turn out to be significantly wider in a triangular window than in a double triangular window with fixed elements. This makes the installation of a function next to the price very unattractive.

Shape of the triangle

Especially acute angles at low triangular windows often do not permit any tilting function or perhaps no turning function. If you still want a window that can be opened, you should limit yourself to one function.

Note the angle

More important than the possibility to open the window is the angle. The triangle should be adapted to the slope of the roof when installing the attic window. If the triangular window on a staircase to illuminate the corridor area, it should also be adapted to the slope of the stairs.

Example of triangle window

To clarify the differences in the prices, we show here each a triangular window with a fixed wing and the same window with a tilt-and-turn function. The dimensions describe each width x height.

  • Single wing fixed 150 x 150 cm - 380 EUR
  • Single-leaf with turn-tilt function 150 x 150 centimeters - 560 EUR
  • Double leaf fixed 160 x 160 cm - 540 EUR
  • Double leaf with tilt function 160 x 160 cm - 720 EUR

Tips & Tricks

If you install a small triangular window on the loft, you should make the frame as narrow as possible, otherwise the glass surface will be too small. This also means that the window can not be opened. However, you can ventilate much better on the loft anyway with a skylight, so you should install a combination of the two types of windows.

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