Darken triangle windows - 3 tips that work

Darkening for a triangle window requires a bit of creativity, because most conventional systems do not work because of the special design. For the three tricks we show you here, not much craftsmanship is necessary and the costs are limited. All three variants can be easily removed when moving out.

1. Make pleats or fans

An opaque material you can easily string on strings or beat with a bar to a fan. The version of the fan will be more stable. To do this, take two sturdy bars. One is firmly attached to one side of the window, the other is attached to it with a small hinge. So you can simply open and close. The fabric in between should be a bit more stable so you can really darken the room.

2. Conversely, a roller blind is draus

There are now very good roller blinds, which are coated with a layer of aluminum foil. These blinds not only keep prying eyes out, they also provide a very good blackout. In a triangular window, the principle of the blinds is simply reversed, that is, you bring the roller blind under the window.

Before you cut the blind in the shape of the window. Over the cut edges you should push small thin plastic strips and fasten with hot glue. Use a center pull roller blind and attach a round hook at the top center of the triangular window where you can hang the roller blind.

3. The picture frame principle

A smaller triangular window can be darkened perfectly with a fabric-covered frame. First, make a custom-fit frame and then staple a tightly woven fabric onto it. At the bottom and at the top of the triangular window, attach small bolts. Behind it, the frame is simply inserted as needed.

Tips & Tricks

If you only want to lock out strangers and occasionally darken the room, you can use car blinds, which are usually attached to the windscreen with suction cups. These darkening can be made even with stable suction cups.

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