Vent the lift truck - you can do that

When there is air in the system of a lift truck, it stops working. In the hydraulic system, pressure can not be re-established until the air is removed from the system. How to bleed the lift truck and what to look for, read this article.

Air in the system

A lift truck operates on the hydraulic principle: By actuating the hydraulic pump (using the handle on simple hand pallet trucks), a pressure is built up in the hydraulic system.

The oil is compressed and, as it is not compressible, it relinquishes pressure to the lift cylinder, which then raises the pallet. However, if there is air in the system, only the "bubble" is compressed, but no pressure is passed. The pallet truck will not work.

Remove air in the system

In simple hand pallet truck (manual operation) the air is quite easy to remove:

1. Move the handle to the lower fork lift position
2. Pump vigorously several times

By this pumping process, the air in the system is forced out by the lifting cylinder. If necessary, you can repeat this several times, until the truck works again.

If this measure is unsuccessful, there must be a leak in the hydraulic system. In this case, you must search for the entry point and replace the damaged part with a tight one.

In some cases, air can enter the system by tilting the lift truck. The same applies if you move the pallet truck up an incline. You should definitely avoid both.

Check hydraulic oil

In case of problems with the pallet truck it is always worthwhile to check the level of the hydraulic oil and its purity. Dirty oil or too little oil can also lead to problems when lifting.

Procedure for electric pallet truck

For electrically operated pallet trucks (see also lift truck types), the procedure for venting is more complicated and usually requires a specialist.

You can still change the hydraulic oil yourself (be sure to follow the operating instructions!) All further work such as bleeding or repairing or replacing components may only be carried out by qualified specialist personnel. That is also in the regulations of the BG so disposes.

Tips & Tricks

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. This is the only way to ensure perfect functioning of the lift truck in all situations.

Video Board: Chevy Truck: P0449 EVAP Vent Valve Performance