Plant and care for tulips

Set colorful accents with early-flowering bulb flowers

Plant and care for tulips: flowers

Tulips (Tulipa) are easy-care bulbous flowers that grow in the early spring for beautiful color effects in the wintry garden to care. The long-stemmed tulips look particularly elegant in combination with other early flowering bulbs such as daffodils and crocuses.

The Ornamental flowers belong to the plant family of the lily family and convince by their variety of colors and shapes: The flowers can plain or patterned, smooth or frayed his.

There are also high-growth and short stature new breedsthat conjure a special charm in the flowerbed.

If you plant your tulips in time in the autumn, you will support optimal plant growth. Below you will find important information about tulip care in the garden.

History of the tulip

Many people believe tulips (Tulipa) were originally from Holland but they come from Turkey, Supposedly sent a messenger of the Habsburgs at the court Suleimans the Magnificent in 1554 a few tulip bulbs at the Viennese court.

Only years later Carlos Clusius, imperial director of the botanical garden "Hortus Botanicus" in Leiden, discovered the beautiful flowers and brought them to Holland. Finally, in the spring of 1594, the first tulip flowered in the said garden.

Despite its exotic origin, the lily plant was regarded by the visitors as a boring accessory. Only when a few years later Dutch breeders started, different monochrome tulip varieties to cross colorful splendid specimens, the tulip became a cult object.

Soon there was a real competition for particularly beautiful and unusual varieties, so today about 150 species and over 1,200 varieties of Tulipa are known.

Tulips and their relatives

Plant and care for tulips: flowers

The multicolored parrot tulip is a popular new breed.

Already In 1630 it is said that there are around 1,000 types of tulips have given. It is difficult to say how many varieties one has to go out in the meantime. Today there are about 3,000 species and about 15 classes registered.

Botanists also distinguish by groups into early, middle and late tulips as well as wild tulips. Tulip designers will not be tired, new creations and numerous hybrids, these are crosses with other types of flowersto breed.

So-called parrot tulips have strongly fringed or feather-like slotted petals and are often multicolored. In contrast, lily-flowered tulips with their elegant, to the rear curved petals very extravagant on.

Crispa tulips work with theirs uniquely fringed flower edges a bit like carnivorous plants. Stuffed tulips such as the "Monte Carlo" variety with their many petals are reminiscent of the lush flowers of peonies.

Flowering times of different tulips

Plant and care for tulips: tulips

Tulips are onion flowers and bloom from March in intense colors.

A bouquet red tulips symbolizes great love or at least real affection. ever the darker the flowers, the more passionate the message. The rare blue tulips are a sign of loyalty.

Keep tulips in the vase for a maximum of two weeks, They usually bloom in the garden from April to May.

In March, the simple wild tulips are already blooming, followed shortly thereafter by the small multi-flowered tulips. In early April, simple early tulips join in, then full tulips and triumph tulips bloom. In mid-April, lily-flowered tulips are on the line, Crispa tulips and parrot tulips. Stuffed late tulips do not even bloom until May.

The weather also influences the flowering period: continuous rain like tulips less, much sunshine, however, prolongs the flowering.

Plant and care for tulips properly

Plant and care for tulips: plant

Tulips are planted in the autumn and finally sprout in the spring.

Tulip bulbs are best planted in Late autumn (until the end of October) in a sunny spotso that they root well before the winter. In warmer regions you can also put them at the end of November.

However, too early planting often results premature sprouting, which was then damaged by frost becomes.

The onions need one nutrient rich, well drained soil, For heavy soils you can put some sand in the planting hole, possibly also stable or dry manure. Ripe compost is also good for them. Hold that Subtrate throughout the growth phase consistently moistbut avoid persistent waterlogging.

tip: Pond water is an ideal natural fertilizer.

Plant and care for tulips: plant

Combined with ground-level early flowering plants, the tulips are particularly emphasized.

Plant the Onions at a distance of ten centimeters each in groups in the bed or in the meadow. The optimal planting depth depends on the soil type, Only in light soils can the tulip bulbs be laid down to 30 cm. For heavy soils it is easy to rot at this depth.

High varieties, however, provide deep planting stabilityand also for rodents and other pests the delicious onions are harder to reach.

But more common is one Planting depth of 15 cm. It also makes it easier to remove the bulbs in the summer, when the tulips have faded.

After Flowering should be quickly cut off the budto prevent seeds from forming. But do not cut off the green leaves of the tulips, it serves as a rain cover in autumn.

Without the shielding leaves, the tulip bulb would quickly rot under the ground. With the help of her Leaves, the plant also forms building materials for flowering next year.

Plant and care for tulips: care

Maintain tulips as cut flowers

Tulips are often offered as a spring bouquet or in combination with other ornamental flowers. In order to enjoy your bouquet for a long time, targeted care is essential. We tell you tips and tricks for the care of tulips as cut flowers.

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