Tupperware reclaim - replacement received

The products of Tupperware are considered to be exceptionally durable and durable. In addition, there is a warranty period of 30 years, which is probably also unbeatable. At the same time Tupperware advertises with a very good service, in terms of exchange and problems with the goods. But each district management decides something different and we show you here how you can complain the products of Tupperware.

Exceptions to the warranty

With such a long warranty period, there are always exceptions. You can not return locks and some other components of Tupper items. Excluded from the return are also products that are considered wear parts. This is noted in the descriptions but each. Unfortunately, however, it is not specifically mentioned when buying the products.

Return to the district administration

Tupper has a completely different structure than other companies of this kind. Therefore, the complaint runs a little differently. Whether a product has to be exchanged, is at the discretion of the respective district management of Tupperware. These are independent entrepreneurs who can decide for their area and all Tuppervertreter in their district alone.

  • Document not required
  • Product is verified by logo and number
  • address as original sales consultant
  • this passes on to district leadership
  • district management decides negatively, to appeal directly to Tupperware

supporting documents

Even if it is stated again and again that the proof of purchase is not required, complain in many forums customers that their complaint was not accepted because of missing purchase receipts. Even if you want to return an item without a complaint, it is certainly better to present the proof of purchase or the order form.

Tupperware Germany

If all else fails and you can not get on with the advisor or the district management, you can contact Tupperware in Frankfurt directly. But only send photos, not the whole product. If the product is then requested, you can still submit it.

Tupperware Germany GmbH
Praunheimer highway 70
60488 Frankfurt am Main

Tips & Tricks

If you do not currently know a Tupperware consultant, you can enter your postal code on Tupper's website. Then you get the contacts of all the consultants that are currently in your area.

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