Tupperware discolored - that is to be done

Whether it's tomato sauce or pieces of fresh carrots stored in a transparent tupper tin, stains can get into the plastic of the can. Unfortunately, they do not go out as easily as the stains penetrate the plastic. Here we show you what you can do to prevent stains in the tins of Tupperware.


If you have ever dealt with the problem of discoloration, you will appreciate the preventative measures. For example, with fresh carrots, a little bit of bread or baking paper helps put it in the can.

If you want to freeze tomato soup or sauce, a freezer bag may help you in giving it the cold sauce. Put the freezer bag in the tin. However, the discoloration of the can basically does not pose a problem because it is merely a visual impairment.

  • Put the sandwich or baking paper in the tin
  • Cling film
  • freeze bag

Slight discoloration in the plastic

With kitchen paper and some cooking oil you can easily rub off many slight discolourations. Then the can is rinsed well and rubbed off with a little lemon juice. Whenever you add cooking oil directly to a plastic surface, it should be neutralized with lemon. Otherwise, the can starts to smell like rancid oil.

Home remedies against discoloration

Especially with the plastic cans from Tupperware and other manufacturers, a home remedy is always the best choice. You should never approach these products with harsh chemical cleaners.

  • cooking oil
  • baking powder
  • sunlight

Stronger discolorations

Here again the baking powder is used, which helps so often in the household with the cleaning. Fill the Tupperware box with hot water until it is almost full, and then add some baking soda to the water. Leave the can to work with the baking powder for about half an hour and then wash the Tupperware thoroughly. If that is not enough, you can repeat this process again.

Tips & Tricks

You know how beautifully the sun bleaches your hair? Exactly the same thing happens with a discolored Tupper Tin when you put it in the sun. This is probably the gentlest way to restore a stained box reasonably in the original condition. Under no circumstances should you use bleach or chlorine-based cleaners.

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