Tupperware broken - that's the exchange

Even the cans or lids from Tupperware can break. However, since Tupperware gives an incredibly long warranty period on many items, you can then exchange these products. Here's how to do it and whom to contact to exchange cans or other Tupperware products.

Long warranty

Tupperware now offers a guarantee of up to 30 years. Some older products even used to have a lifetime warranty. Of course, some products are excluded from the long warranty anyway. It is also pleasing that Tupper's products can be returned within the first 30 days after receiving the goods without stating reasons.

The Tupperware website warrants: "Tupperware products with defects in material or workmanship, as well as products subject to the statutory warranty, can be replaced at any time by submitting your fully completed order form using your Tupperware PartyManager."

Exchange - but where?

Due to the very long warranty period, it may of course be that you no longer know any Tupperware consultant where you can exchange your products. But that is actually the first point of contact to exchange a product.

However, you can always use the Tupper website to display all Tupperware consultants who work in your postcode area. If necessary, you can also view the respective district representative who is responsible for your area.

Order of contact persons

At Tupperware, there are very clear rules on who is responsible for an exchange. This is mainly because the district representations are always self-employed entrepreneurs who can therefore decide relatively freely. So you should follow a certain order if you want to exchange a product from Tupper.

1. Tupper Consultant
2nd District Representation of Tupper
3. Tupperware Germany

Tupperware Germany

While Tupperware may be tough on its district representations, the company is known for often deciding on behalf of the customer. As a result, you may not be successful with the counselor or district representative. Then you can contact the main office of Tupper in Germany.

Tupperware Germany GmbH
PO Box 930120
60456 Frankfurt am Main

Tips & Tricks

If possible, document the damage of the products with many photos. Above all, if you are to deliver or send in cans or lids, it is important that you still have the photos. They are easily rejected if you can not prove that the defect lies with the product.

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