Tupperware with mold - 3 ways to hygiene

It does not just happen to the children from time to time, a Tupperware box with a slice of bread or other food is forgotten somewhere. If the good Tupperware then pops up again, it is often only possible to find mold in the can. Here we show you how you can then clean the can and restore hygiene in the can.

Mold - a problem?

If mold appears anywhere in the kitchen, it's always a nasty business. But you do not have to dispose of the rather expensive Tupperware items right away. Also, the plastic can be cleaned so well that the mold spores have no chance. There is no reason to worry anymore and you can safely use the cans for food again.

Kill the mold

In the case of mold, you should calmly proceed rigorously and have the will to kill. The spores must be completely killed, no matter where the mold occurs. Therefore, there are basically only three methods to completely free the Tupperware from mold.

  • vinegar
  • freeze
  • wash off hot


In very light infestation, it is often enough, if you just wipe the can with a little vinegar and then wash it off thoroughly. If the mold has spread throughout the can, you can either rinse the can with vinegar or, in extreme cases, simply fill the plastic can with vinegar and leave to stand for one hour. Then the can is washed off thoroughly with water and detergent.

Frost kills spores

If you want to make sure that the spores have been killed in the plastic, then put the Tupperware in the freezer for a day. Of course, only after a thorough cleaning with water and detergent.

Tips & Tricks

Only in very cheap plastic cans, which were produced by nameless manufacturers, you should exercise a little caution. This is also because these manufacturers often still give too large amounts of plasticizers in the plastic. These softeners can then dissolve more easily by the heat or the vinegar, so that a health hazard.

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