Turnkey prefabricated houses as a bungalow

The bungalow offers a lot of advantages, which include not only accessibility, but also a high degree of flexibility. In this article you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of a turnkey bungalow in prefabricated construction.

The bungalow - flexible and stylish

When talking about modern bungalows, they are not "huts" but a state-of-the-art and very useful design. Because living on one level offers its occupants, especially elderly or disabled people, accessibility and comfortable flexibility completely without stairs. But even younger generations will appreciate the advantages of the bungalow: No matter if in the furnishing, while sucking or cleaning - everything is easier without stairs.

These advantages have also recognized the prefabricated and offers a wide range of different models - from standard bungalow to luxury models everything is possible. Thus, the stylish appearance of this design is realized, while the full benefits of a prefabricated house come into play: Short construction time, large selection and modern technology are only examples.

Turnkey prefabricated houses as a bungalow: houses

Why turnkey?

A turnkey house refers to the variant in which the entire interior is "supplied" and you do not have to do any work. Although this is convenient, is subject to the expansion house, however, noticeable Aufpreisen. As far as you are able, you should do simple work on the bungalow yourself; The rough finishing works can be left to the developer.

Especially in the bungalow eliminates a lot of effort in work such as wallpapering, laying tiles or perhaps the electrical installation; The material does not have to be carried up high or installed there. More complex work, such as sanitary installation, should be left to the manufacturer to save on rough work.

So you have to order first turnkey and then - as far as possible - take over individual work to save a lot of money. So you have a good ratio of price and performance at your bungalow.

The disadvantages of the bungalow

Even a bungalow has, whether turnkey or not, certain disadvantages. This includes, above all, the space available, which of course can not be as high with comparable floor space as with multi-storey houses. Either you increase the footprint, which increases the cost of land, roof construction and basement, or you live on a smaller area.

Although there is an alleged gain in space due to the omission of the stairwell, which does not arise due to the higher demand for corridors - the bungalow offers on the ground floor a living space comparable to other types of house.

Tips & Tricks

If you are interested in a turnkey bungalow, be sure to ask several prefabricated home providers. So you not only have a wider choice than with a single manufacturer, but also get an overview of the prices and can better assess them.

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