Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: test

Vorwerk, the vacuum cleaner specialist, had a golden handle some time ago with the expansion of the product range. Now they are Handyman, DIY artist and possibly also home improvement turn.

With Twercs - Middle High German for dwarfs - a tool assortment was created, which should inspire above all the hobbyists.

The included dwarfs are not newly invented tools, which there is no other provider.

However, the overall package brings with it a special advantage. All four dwarfs are housed in a suitcase, by be loaded at the same time can.

For this purpose, the suitcase should give no appropriate impression. Rather, it was designed so that even many beautycase is jealous.

But does design, quality, service and the good idea justify a price that should not be underestimated?

Technical specifications


Twercs charging case

  • Weight 3 kg
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power consumption 25 W
  • Standby: 0.5W
  • Dimensions: 270 x 240 x 425 mm (H x W x D)

Manual without fault and blame

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: vorwerk

Detail of the Twercs manual

It is really rare that Instruction manuals 100% convincing, Sometimes they are translated incorrectly, cumbersome to read, provide only poor images or are too big and thick, as endless languages ​​are included.

Of all these points, the Twercs user manual can be excluded. Sturdy paper, handy size and clear legibility draw the instructions.

In addition to the usual safety instructions and technical data, it contains absolutely everything that is important for the individual devices.

Clear graphics with numbering The details shown help you to understand what is already well written.

Congratulations, this manual has gone to great lengths.

The suitcase - more than just a packaging

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: Twercs

The Twercs suitcase from Vorwerk

With the "packaging" we have already arrived at what makes this product in the whole simply unique. At least we do not know any manufacturers who offer something similar in comparable quality.

The Twercs Case shines in white, aluminum, chrome and silver gray, But even silver-gray is not silver-gray, because this is a metallic paint.

Fine down to the smallest detail, which is also reflected in the closure. Latches on suitcases are widely used, but not all are so easy to lock.

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: vorwerk

Cable rolls up automatically

If the lock is pressed down, the moves upper bar by itself to the lid and snaps there eggn. Sometimes it is these small details that convince of the quality.

The integrated cable can be pull out and slide independently back in the suitcase, Gladly it could be a bit longer, because in the environment of 1 m is unfortunately not always a power outlet to reach and somewhere diagonally in the corner you should not put the device to charge.

Will namely a certain skew exceededin which the tools could lose their safe charging contact, a warning tone sounds and the charging process is interrupted, Safety first.

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: product

Stylish and practical closure

With a weighted 6.6 kg, the filled case is not exactly a lightweight. Finally he contains too four tools with charging stations.

The soft grip, which gives way and is pulled back into position with springs, but gives a secure feeling when carrying and does not leave the case to be a burden.

When the case is opened, the noble appearance continues. A clear plastic protection over the tools, two plastic inserts for protection under the tools, and the accessory folder and book are separately sealed in foil.

Sure, good tools should be protected and one would like to deliver everything in a first class condition, but that is something a lot of raw material, which later recycling again must be supplied. Vorwerk would like to make compromises here.

Unfortunately, the loading time was not completely convincing. When you consider that none of the devices has a removable battery and therefore can only be used or loaded, is the Loading time with up to five hours but quite a long time, The suitcase should therefore like to get a little more charging power.

All in all, we can but the Twercs suitcase absolutely no quality defects, Super processed and in a great design, he does what he should and doing a damn good figure.

The first impression evokes memories

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: product

Creative Kit Stool Set Space Wonder

If we look at the tools and look at them more closely, there is no denying a similarity to a well-known tool manufacturer.

Why, the tools are gladly bought, have one good reputation and convince by high quality, Let's leave it in the similarity and look forward to a comparable or perhaps even better quality.

First and foremost, it is noticeable that none of the tools have a removable battery has. At work may be a disadvantage, since longer work is limited by the battery power.

On the other hand, this could be an advantage with the warranty. Many tool manufacturers consider the battery as wearing part and thus justify a shortened warranty period. For the Twercs tools refers Guarantee but on the complete tool with integrated battery, Here, therefore, everyone may decide for themselves, which construction variant he prefers for himself.

Overall, all devices are very high quality and again there is nothing to complain about the quality. How the devices beat each other in practice, we have tested in the construction of a creative kit from Vorwerk.

Cordless stapler TR100 T

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: test

Cordless stapler TR100 T
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Battery: Li 1.3 Ah
  • Charging current: 400 mA
  • Charging time 3-5 h
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Number of hits: 30 min-1
  • Clip size: Type 53 ((width: 11.4 mm, length: 4-10 mm)

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: test

Impact strength is enough for hardwood

With 800 grams, the battery tacker is easy in the handwithout being cheap.

The staple needles can be pfill up without damage and the Impact strength extends to them also in hardwood to sink.

On Safety mechanism prevents needle from accidentally being shot through the air can be.

However, the first needles should be sunk in a specimen or in an invisible location. That obviously well-lubricated interior gives a part to the staple needles from what's going through slight traces of oil makes noticeable.

If the lubricant is distributed, only clean needles and the follow Impact speed of 30 pieces per minute certainly will not work brake.

Cordless Drill SD100 T

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: test

Cordless Drill SD100 T
  • Voltage: 10,8V
  • Battery: Li 1.5 Ah
  • Charging current: 580 mA
  • Charging time: 3 h
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Idling speed: 0-340 min-1
  • Max. Drilling diameter: steel 6 mm, wood: 20 mm
  • Max. Torque: 10/25 Nm

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: vorwerk

Screw 5 x 120 mm with head sunk

For a Cordless Drill, the SD100 T with 900 grams is very light and that Transmission and chuck are noticeable in the weight distribution due to a head load, Which, however, suggests a solid gearbox with good quality.

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: vorwerk

Screw 8 x 160 mm - 60 mm sunk

The Torque adjustment is easy to operate, the food is good, runs smoothly and we do not need to miss a work light.

What we do, however miss, is a second gear, to achieve higher speeds when drilling. 340 min-1 are quite small when drilling small diameter.

Maybe the transmission could also be adjusted, which could cause the cordless drill to lose some power but gain some speed. Because He has more than enough power. Without speed limitation Many people may find it difficult to do so To keep screwdrivers up to the performance limit.

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: product

Included multi-purpose drills are not convincing

A Screw 5 x 120 mm will easily incl. Head in spruce timber sunk and even our large test screw with 8 x 160 mm stuck 60 mm deep in the wood after our attempt. As a comparison: A 10.8 V screwdriver from the commercial sector reached a maximum of 65 mm in several tests.

Since such screws are rarely processed in the DIY sector and the drill is not designed for it, can be stated without hesitation that mMore than enough power reserves are available.

Not completely or only partly convince the included multi-purpose drills.

Although they are suitable for different materials, form in wood but only a compromise, The soldered carbide tip has too little centering and the results are not satisfactory.

The test picture shows different Drilling tests in plywood, hardwood and coated chipboard (from top to bottom). On the far left is the result of the Twercs drill with the multi-purpose drills, in the middle with a wood drill and as comparison right a drill with 1300 min-1 with also a wood drill.

With the multi-purpose drills it can be seen that the Boreholes in hardwood and chipboard run and become triangular, With these types of wood should be used in any case to usual wood drills.

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: Twercs

Tile drill can score points

Absolute on the other hand, the 6 mm tile drill was convincing. For porcelain stoneware, although more pressure is required due to the material, but through a standard tile, he goes in the truest sense of the word, as by butter.

Wear marks were not visible after this test. On very good drill, of which may be included other sizes.

Cordless hot glue gun GG100 T

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: test

Cordless hot glue gun GG100 T
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Battery: Li 1.5 Ah
  • Charging current: 500 mA
  • Charging time 2-3 h
  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Heating time: 15 sec.
  • Temperature: 170° C
  • Working time: max. 30 min.
  • Glue stick: Ø 7 mm

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: product

Enough space for longer glue sticks

In the case of the cordless hot glue guns, the standard is now very high and even this dwarf is in no way inferior to the requirements.

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: vorwerk

Sticking strength of the sticks with a 2 kg dumbbell proved

15 seconds to heat up needed and the hot glue gun is ready for use. If it is not used for more than 5 minutes, it turns off automatically.

It would be nice if the glue stick would be pulled back when you release the feed button. That would prevent dropping when stopping. For However, this case is a drip tray ready, which is held in the case with a magnet.

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: test

Magnetic drip tray also holds small screws

The glue gun can accordingly also hot in the suitcase be put. An stick sticking out does not hurt and finds enough space.

In the endurance test, the Absolutely convincing glue sticks and even held a 2-pound dumbbell with a smooth surface on a hardwood strip.

Although this was the maximum achieved, but this use is far beyond the usual applications and the sticks have their Adhesive performance thus clearly proven posed.

Cordless jigsaw SW100 T

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: vorwerk

Cordless jigsaw SW100 T
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Battery: Li 1.5 Ah
  • Charging current: 580 mA
  • Charging time 3 h
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Idling speed 0-2200 min-1
  • Max. Cutting depth:
    • Wood: 30 mm
    • Plasterboard: 24 mm
    • Plastic: 10 mm
    • Aluminum: 2 mm

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: Twercs

60 mm cutting depth - far more than specified, but possible

The cordless saw SW100 T appears in onespecial shape, which it by a rotation of the Saw blade to allow them as a saber saw to use.

Even after several attempts opens up the meaning of this function (also touted by other manufacturers) not really.

We therefore stick to the jigsaw with which can even be immersed. Not very clean and a bit bumpythat is possible anyway.

Also the maximum specified cutting depth of 30 mm in wood we could beat twice the value, There is no shortage of pulling power. However, one would Pendulum lift the work progress increase significantly.

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: Twercs

Clean curve cut with the laminate saw blade

Interesting is the Quick release device that holds the saw blade securely and literally ejects when pressed. This works so well that the enclosed saw blade changer is hardly needed.

Good use, however, you can use the included blades. Six different leaves allow use in every area.

Especially on a jigsaw is criticized that the visible side tears, what the Laminate saw blade perfect refute. If not with a big feed.

General we always miss the pendulum stroke and therefore have to assign the cordless jigsaw to the crafting area. Woodworkers will surely resort to a larger device.

Accessory bag offers good basic equipment

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: Twercs

Accessory bag with basic equipment

The accessory bag should be the Provide users with basic equipment and enable many works. We can absolutely confirm that.

Equipped with Bits, drills, tacker staples, glue sticks and different saw blades, can be implemented with the content already many a project.

Even if we have already criticized the multi-purpose drills, they represent a usable basic equipment. All Individual parts are arranged clearly and can be easily removed. This leaves the Processing a high-quality impression and will accompany the user for a long time.

To implement our test project we only needed an additional sinker. Against a Small storage space for their own accessories would therefore be no objection.

Tips, tricks and instructions in the Twercs Ideabook

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: product

Presentation of the Krativ kits in the Ideabook

In addition to the basic tooling, the Twercs case also has some reading: The Twercs Ideabook.

After a few words about the Vorwerk philosophy, the idea of ​​the dwarfs follows what we already have in our test.

The following do-it-yourself tips are already known to most do-it-yourselfers Newcomer but quite meaningful information contain.

It becomes more interesting afterwards with the presentation of the creative kits. In terms of craftsmanship, these are also more likely to appeal to beginners, but deliver great ideas and our implemented stool set space miracle I really like it. This is sure to be followed by another one.

Now the Twercs Ideabook continues with upcycling projects. They are explained step by step and meaningful images help with the implementation, Here are really great ideas again and we could collect suggestions.

Conclusion to the Vorwerk Twercs system

Twercs from Vorwerk - Product test: vorwerk

Although there will certainly be very different opinions on the Twercs system, our test result is pretty clear.

Defects are not to be found on the tools and the case system and small smears are only to be made on the multi-purpose drills and the long loading time.

The ambitious handyman will still hardly reach the Twercs suitcase. Especially the cordless jigsaw and the cordless drill lacking functions or speed.

Features that comparable tools from other manufacturers already offer at a lower price level. The handyman therefore probably more likely to single components, which are equal to his performance requirements.

However, let's take a look at the entire system, the charging case, the equipment and above all the Use in the DIY or craft areaso is this System unique and there is no manufacturer offering something comparable.

Add to that Quality standard, which is located at a very high level is. There can only be a very good rating.

What DIY is his Power4All family, is the tinker his Twercs suitcase and who once made this tooling, they will certainly use often.

Purchase the Twercs suitcase or a creative kit

Vorwerk is a direct sales company and the featured articles are therefore only available through Vorwerk. In addition to direct purchase via the online shop, you can also visit nationwide Vorwerk shops or DIY parties with a Vorwerk coach.

Click here for the online shop:

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