U profile

U profiles together with the C profiles are the basic components of a drywall stand. They are made of sheet steel and are usually dimensioned according to running meters. C profiles are connected to the U profiles by so-called connectors.

Use of U profiles in wall construction

In wall construction, U profiles are used as rails, which are mounted in the planned wall of a dry wall on the floor, on the ceiling and on the subsequent solid walls. Usually they are screwed there, only with existing underfloor heating or a soil condition that does not allow screwing on the ground, they can be attached there with silicone. Inside mostly so-called insulating strips are inserted to avoid a transfer of sound through the floor and walls in freestanding walls. U form profiles are also used in the same way as for freestanding walls in the case of facing formwork. The U profiles used in wall construction as floor and ceiling rails are also referred to as UW profiles, for better sound insulation they are also available with larger web heights than so-called SP profiles.

Use of U profiles in the ceiling construction

In ceiling construction, the U profiles are referred to as UD profiles. Here you can see the longitudinal members of the ceiling construction, onto which the C profiles are then screwed on as a support lath system. The U profiles for use as a ceiling substructure are made of the same material as the profiles in the wall construction and are usually in less size variations. Important dimensions for U profiles in both wall and ceiling construction are the width of the profile and the respective web height. Shortening the profiles is best done in the ceiling construction with the shears.

Special U profiles for special purposes

There are also special variants of U profiles for special purposes - such as the UA profiles, which are made of reinforced material and are used, for example, for the design of door openings in dry construction. Other variants are used in the field of sound insulation - so-called SP profiles - or in fire protection, where the support material of the fire protection boards must meet certain material requirements. Mounting systems for fire protection boards, especially in ceilings, have their own dimensions and designs in the support elements of the metal stud, so in UD and CD profiles. They also have to be fastened at shorter intervals than the profiles in conventional ceiling constructions.

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