Smear ugly tiles on the facade: is that possible?

In fact, some old houses still have a surprisingly ugly tile facade that the new owner does not really appreciate. However, tiles have a smooth surface, which makes painting a lot more difficult. Is the only solution really good at knocking off the entire "façade decoration" - or can outdoor tiles be painted with a nice color?

The painting of tiles on the facade is possible!

The answer will delight you: as well as indoors, tiles on the façade can also be painted with paint. However, you should always use frost- and weather-resistant materials and never the same paints as in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Ask your local retailer about a suitable primer and facade paints that allow painting on outdoor tiles. However, you will not be spared a thorough underground preparation!

Before painting: clean the tiles on the facade

The tiles must be absolutely clean if you want to paint them. However, a lot of dirt accumulates on the façade over the years, which delicately disturbs the adhesion of the newly applied coating.

Preferably use a high-pressure cleaner to thoroughly clean your tiles and also remove the last crumbs of dirt. You can also work with a root brush on small or delicate surfaces, but that will definitely be exhausting.

Guaranteed it can not hurt to trowel the tile surfaces with appropriately grained sandpaper or even to use a sandblaster. This results in a rough surface, which is much better suited as a coating carrier.

This is how you paint your façade tiles correctly

This short guide is designed to help you understand the steps to the finished painted facade. But: Every structural situation is different, so you better ask for caution with a local expert who can visit your construction site.

  • Clean tiles with a high-pressure cleaner or brush.
  • Roughen surface with sandpaper or sandblaster.
  • Apply primer for outdoor use.
  • Let it dry thoroughly.
  • Paint the area with facade paint.

Tips & Tricks

Please note that the diffusion of water vapor in the case of tiles directly attached to the façade runs exclusively through the joints. So you need a diffusionsfähige coating that does not block the already low air and moisture exchange.

Product Image: Sonia Bonet / Shutterstock

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