Ultrament: the "place-tile" system

Old, shabby and obsolete tiles are a pain to many. However, re-tiling rooms is often too expensive or too expensive, and other solutions have their disadvantages. How Ultrament's "off-tile" system works and what it does can be read in this post.

Problem old tile mirror

Tiles have a very long shelf life. This often leads to the patterns or colors in tile mirrors being perceived as being "old fashioned" or no longer fitting the new decor.

There are the following traditional solutions:

  • an attachment of tile stickers
  • a new tiling on the old tiled mirror
  • a painting of the tiles

Disadvantages of traditional solutions

The use of tile stickers is easy to do, but the result is not really pefekt. In addition, the tile joints remain in their original color. In addition, there are the high costs for the procedure: with around 15 - 20 EUR per m² you have to count on it.

The new tiling is very complex, and causes even higher costs, but it is optically perfect.

A painting of tiles is very complex, and looks optically rarely clean because it can never be perfectly taped. The joint color is also preserved, even crumbly joints remain visible. Damage to the tiles is not covered.

Function of the Ultrament system

Ultrament's "off-tile" system is designed to cover old and unappealing tile coverings. The coverage is seamless - it creates a continuous wall surface without joints.

The entire tiling mirror is coated using a multi-component system that completely covers both the tiles and the joints. In addition, no waterproof silicone joints need to be applied to the system.

It is the only approved and approved wet cleaning system that can even be used in showers. The only similar alternative is currently Tadelakt plaster but comparatively expensive and difficult to produce.

The surface is sealed in this system with resin, making it completely waterproof and very resistant.

Tips & Tricks

For the color design of the Ultrament "instead of tiles" system some structural variations and different colors are available, but the palette is overall rather limited. In addition, the possible exhalations of resin seals should be considered - tiles are after all a non-evaporating natural product (clay).

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