Unterstellbock comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zum Unterstellbock Comparison or Test 2018

  • Unterstellböcke act as useful supports on which you can park your car, for example, if you want to carry out a tire change yourself. A jack is here sometimes the only support too little.
  • Note that you do not use the curb weight as a benchmark for your car, because there are usually other items in the car that make it heavier. This plays a role in the maximum load capacity of the Unterstellböcke.
  • Although adjustable in height, the jack is not a substitute for a jack. The height adjustment is intended to allow the trestles to hold vehicles of different heights, as the distance between the subfloor and the ground is different.

Unterstellbock comparison 2018: your

Tires, Torque Wrenches, Jacks, Rims - You have everything you need to change tires, but something central is missing: the lift, which holds the car in a higher position and allows you to safely carry out your work. You have to now By no means embark on the costly walk to the garage to change your tire
to have it done
, because for such situations, a Unterstellbock would be favorable. What this practical tool can do and what you should look out for is explained in our 2018 benchmark comparison.

1. What role does the jack play in changing tires?

Different weights

Take a look at product information. The maximum payload is very important to the undercarriage, as it determines whether you can rest your car safely on it. Especially with sets of two, some manufacturers give the combined load, while others give the single load, In our product table above, we have therefore provided clarity at this point.

Also called a trestle, jack-up block or trestle, this tool can make a decisive contribution to your safety if you want to switch from summer tires to winter tires, without using the services of a car repair shop, By way of example, we want to go over the course of a tire change in the individual steps with you in order to clarify the role of the sub-jack.

1.1. Jacking up the car

First of all, the car has to be moved to a higher position. For this you first need the jack. Position it centrally under the vehicle at the appropriate points of approach and lift it to such a height that both the tires no longer touch the ground and the underframe fits below it under its size. The jack itself is not very trustworthy depending on the quality as the sole support, If you have placed all four trestles under the pick-up points on the underbody and adjusted their size accordingly, lower the trolley so that it is carried by the under-stands.

1.2. change tires

Unterstellbock comparison 2018: 2018

Lower stands can be adjusted in height.

The tire change itself should now be easy and much safer. However, make sure in advance that the whole thing happens on a level surface, because otherwise even the best jack can not do anything. Depending on how much force you need to use when loosening the tire nuts, the resulting vibrations can also be transferred to the car and make it wobble. That is why it is recommended that you Keep an eye on the stability of the trestles at intervals.

1.3. Take off the car

Once the tires have been replaced, the jack must prove its ability again. Lift the car lightly again so that you can retract the jack stands and then remove them, After that, the vehicle can be completely lowered again to the ground.

Four wins: Keep in mind that ideally you should use four jack stands to luff the whole vehicle at once. In trade, the trestles are often offered in packages of two, Ultimately, however, this investment pays off quickly if you thus permanently save the way to becoming a tire dealer.

2. High and yet resilient

When you buy and use a jack, organize yourself with it a significant gain in stability that reduces the risk of injury, However, there are a few details to consider when choosing your Unterstellbock test winner, which we will now explain.

buying criteriadescription
weight loadA normal car weighs between 1 - 1.2 tons, a limousine ever up to 2 tons. The Unterstellböcke must have a corresponding loadso that they can provide really stable support. They are therefore available in several versions:

  • 2,000 kg
  • 3,000 kg
  • 6,000 kg

The trestle types, which can withstand up to 6 tons, are particularly suitable for campers or SUVs.

height adjustmentCars are different in height, so the distance between the underbody and the ground of course varies depending on the make and model. To account for this, are Unterstellböcke variably adjustable in height.

Before you make a blind purchase, you should know how many before your underbelly test Centimeters between your stationary vehicle and the ground are.

stage adjustmentA jack can be adjusted in height in most cases stepwise. However, the number of possible levels differs depending on the manufacturer, Some have 3, others up to 13 levels, while other models can do without it.

The more levels you can choose the more better adaptable are the trestles to different vehiclee. An RV of course has a different height than a small car. A good gantry is so flexible here that you can use it for both.

Do not forget to lock: All jack stands have a locking mechanism. Often this is a metal pin that must be plugged into an opening when the trestle has been adjusted to the desired height. Other types have a lever that controls the determination. Before you load the Unterstellböcke with high weight, you should ensure at all costs that this blockage is activatedotherwise it may happen that the bucks collide and cause damage to the vehicle and / or you.

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