Under the magnifying glass: the smoke detector requirement in Hamburg

The obligation to smoke detectors in Hamburg has existed for quite some time, and it came into force on 7 December 2005. It applies to all apartments in the state in question. We take a look at the legal details.

For which apartments is the smoke detector mandatory in Hamburg?

The obligation to smoke detectors applies to all new buildings from the date of the decision of the law, and the transitional period for existing buildings has already expired. Since December 31, 2010, every Hamburg apartment has to have properly installed smoke detectors.

The law is defined in § 45 (6) of the Hamburg Building Code (HBauO). It can also be read in which rooms the prescribed smoke detectors must be located.

In which rooms is a smoke detector mandatory?

The federal state of Hamburg stipulates that at least one smoke detector must be located in every nursery, every bedroom and in all corridors that can serve as escape and rescue routes in case of fire.

In addition, every apartment user is free to install detectors in additional rooms, for example in the private office, in the living room or in the basement. The bathroom is not suitable as a location for a smoke detector due to the water vapor generated.

Who is responsible for installation and maintenance?

The law is addressed to the owners of the apartments, in the case of rented apartments so to the respective landlord. All homeowners must equip their homes with smoke detectors and ensure the operational readiness of the devices. The annual maintenance requirement is one of them.

For each owner, it makes sense to keep maintenance records in order to prove in case of fire that all prescribed checks and repairs have been carried out. For example, landlords are able to prove their duty to the insurance.

An official examination of whether all apartment owners actually perform their duties is not provided for in the state of Hamburg. However, when the worst happens, the ready-to-smoke detectors are likely to save lives - and protect those responsible from severe liability risks.

Tips & Tricks

If the landlord engages a specialist who carries out the prescribed maintenance work in accordance with DIN 14676 every year, he may set the resulting costs on the service charge settlement.

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