Prepare uneven floors of dry screed correctly

When renovating buildings, craftsmen are repeatedly confronted with the problem of uneven floors. Even those made of dry screed may need to be compensated before a new coating can be laid. Balancing compound for this material can be very helpful.

Use leveling compound for screed elements or dry screed

Today there are special compensatory measures as well as leveling compounds for all kinds of floors that can be used to produce smooth and even surfaces up to several tens of millimeters thick. They are suitable as substrates for many different floor coverings. When applied indoors, the leveling compound is also suitable as a substitute for a surface filling. It offers you many advantages, including the following:

  • The materials dry out after only a few hours and can be provided with new floor coverings after just one day.
  • After drying no sanding is necessary.
  • The balancing mass is further characterized by a high yield.
  • Depending on the material used, not even a primer is necessary.

What you should pay attention to when processing the leveling compound

It is very important to fix loose surfaces and to remove any contamination by dust or dirt. The leveling compound itself can be easily mixed with water. It is best to use a suitable drill with whisk. This works the fastest and easiest way. If you want to process the mass quickly and easily, you can also use a so-called self-leveling compound. You do not even have to pull it off with a spirit level, because it smoothes itself and then only has to dry. Be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging of the manufacturer of the leveling compound or leveling compound. The most important information is usually presented relatively well, so you can find it with ease.

Prepare screed floors for the laying of new floor coverings

Defects on screed floors are often the result of the removal of old floor coverings such as carpets or vinyl floors, when individual pieces of the floor are pulled out, for example, when the carpet is pulled off. The resulting holes and bumps should definitely be provided with a leveling compound. Optionally, it may also be necessary to use a corresponding repair mass before the leveling compound itself is used.

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