To compensate for bumps in the stairs

Uneven steps on concrete stairs not only look ugly, they also increase the risk of tripping and slipping. Some stairs are simply unprofessionally constructed, others with the years completely leaked. The balancing of the stairs is possible with repair spatula and shuttering boards, so the steps are again safely accessible.

Preparatory work for the staircase leveling

First of all, you need the right formwork boards, which you can fit together with the circular saw. Each board is exactly as long as a step, but not quite as high.

Now clean your concrete staircase. Sweep up loose dirt, work the surface with a root brush and water. When the stairs are clean, attach the formwork boards.

In addition, coat the previously primed appearances with a primer suitable for the repair filler, if this is specified in the instructions for use of the filler. Then a coat of paint with a highly diluted repair filler, which is spreadable with generous water addition.

How to balance your stairs

Now attach your formwork. Align it with the spirit level exactly level and choose the height so that the upper edge closes with the freshly poured appearance. There is enough room for each level below.

In order to vigorously stir up the entire package of repair putty and to mix it with the amount of water specified in the instructions for use, a stirring attachment for the drilling machine is very useful. Then apply the repair compound:

  • Start with the top step.
  • Use a stainless steel trowel for application.
  • Pull the mortar mass flush over the upper edge of the formwork board.
  • Smooth through the corners with a damp brush to smooth the transitions.
  • Wait to remove the formwork boards until the compound has completely set.

Tips & Tricks

Protect and beautify the tread edges of your concrete staircase with precisely cut profiles made of plastic or metal. A tiling is also possible on the now smoothed steps.

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