Upcycling for the picture frame - these ideas are there

Old picture frames that are no longer used, you do not necessarily throw away. They can become a lot of new, useful things through a little bit of upcycling. What can be made of old picture frames, they learn in our post.

Upcycling: the benefit

Unfortunately, we live in a society that produces a lot of garbage - in terms of waste, we Germans are almost European champion.

Upcycling helps to turn "garbage" and waste for others to use again. This leads to a reduction of the waste mountains and to new, inexpensive products that you can easily do yourself.

Some suggestions are below.

Old picture frame as a pinboard

Cork walls you can either buy ready - or you can build yourself from an old picture frame and a little cork also.

All you need is a solid cardboard box or a wooden board that has been cut to size and glued to the picture frame.

Fill the interior of the frame with several layers of cork and your whiteboard is ready.

Use old picture frame for a photo collage

If you have many photos that you would like to flaunt, then it is best to create a photo collage.

To enhance the collage, you can use the old picture frame behind the collage as the background behind which you have pasted a piece of solid cardboard.

In this way, you can also bring a large number of photos still relatively clear on the wall.

Lightboxes make themselves very decorative can easily be designed by yourself.

All you need is an old picture frame, two sheets of translucent paper and a pen. For lighting, it is best to use LED lights. Of course you also need a corresponding connection

Think of an appropriate saying for your lightbox and write it down on one of the paper sheets. Glue the old photo frame to the front and back with the paper sheets and install the LED lights. As soon as you turn on the light, your message will be clearly visible in the room. This is especially impressive in the evening with dim lighting.

Tips & Tricks

Lightly damaged picture frames can almost always be repaired with glue and wooden spatula and repainted again. Throwing away would often be too bad.

Video Board: Three ways: How to update and upcycle picture frames