Upper thread in the sewing machine rips - what cause does it have?

If one of the two threads of the sewing machine always tears, this usually has one cause - or more. What causes can be the reason, if the upper thread constantly tears when sewing, read in this article.

Find causes

Why the upper thread often - or constantly - rips, in practice is not so easy to determine. The reasons can be very diverse, and you usually have to check a few things to get to the actual cause.

The first step you should take is to check that the upper thread is threaded correctly. Especially at the beginning, mistakes often sneak in here that are not noticed immediately. Only when you have used the upper thread a second or third time over again, you often notice what you did wrong.

Once this point is checked, you can go to the next causes in turn to check

  • Problem with the thread
  • Coil not attached properly or does not fit
  • Fluff exists that block
  • Tension of the thread wrong
  • Machine not sufficiently oiled
  • Needle blunt
  • Needle not tight enough
  • Needle bar or gripper adjusted

Individual test steps

First of all, you should exchange the yarn for another one. When doing so, make sure that the coil actually fits well or that there are problems here. If this is unsuccessful, you should see if any lint block individual parts.

Then you should change a little the thread tension and see if you can sew easily with the right thread tension. If you are sure that the machine is well oiled, you can skip this step, otherwise you should make up for the oiling of the sewing machine.

As a last resort, replace the needle and if that does not produce a result you can still try to adjust the needle and needle bar and gripper settings.

sewing Machine repair

If all of this does not solve the problem, you should visit a specialist repair shop. In this case, there may be technical problems with the machine and it may be damaged. In a repair, you can then also draw attention to other errors that might have caused the problem.

In some cases it may be the case that the upper thread, bobbin thread and fabric do not work well together. That is rarely the case. In any case, you should have the problem checked on a new machine in good time before you lose the warranty.

Tips & Tricks

A tip may also be to simply add a few drops of oil to the spool - this makes threads generally more tear resistant. While this does not help when threaded incorrectly or the bobbin does not fit, it can sometimes be a relief if you do not have time to look for a cause because another seam needs to be completed.

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