Used roof tiles, can you use those?

Very often one finds offers on the Internet for used roof tiles, almost predominantly from private. Whether you can also use used roof tiles for roofing, and if there are other alternatives to save costs, you will find here in this post.

Used roof tiles - sometimes it works

Offers for used roof tiles can be found on the Internet - often. The question that arises here for many is whether you can and should actually use used roof tiles for roofing a roof.

The answer is difficult to give here. Of course you can use intact roof tiles, if they show no cracks or damage, continue to use. Covering a house with used roof tiles is always a bit problematic.

Used roof tiles, can you use those?: roof

In addition, yes, no one removes roof tiles without a good reason and a roof can be covered expensive new.

Of course, this is different with historic roof tiles - for example, to cover a building that needs to be restored to the original, with matching roof tiles that also have some patina. Here there is a market, as for all old building materials, and also some professional traders.

possible alternatives to find cheap roof tiles

  • Use cheap brick models with as little land consumption as possible
  • consider an economical cover type (if possible on the respective roof)
  • For example, you can use concrete blocks or other alternatives instead of clay tiles
  • 2nd choice use roof tiles
  • Use remainders and special offers that have no quality defects

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • eBay: The auction house also houses once again offers for used roof tiles.
  • private classified ads on the net: from local to supraregional there are always offers on the various ad portals.
  • Historic Building Materials Distributor: When it comes to original roof tiles for a historic building, there is an organized market for it

That way you can save costs

For used roof tiles, you should always check the material very closely and inspect for damage - with as many parts as possible. The prices are freely negotiated here - with some negotiating skills, you can continue here.

Tips & Tricks

Just take your roofer with you for review on such purchases. In general, however, he will advise you not to use used roof tiles for roofing anyway.

Video Board: Replacing some concrete roof tiles