Useful in everyday work: What does the forklift license cost?

The driver's license for the forklift truck is not particularly expensive, but it does provide benefits when looking for a job. Even with an existing employment contract, the forklift license can be of great benefit. We inform about conditions and costs.

Requirements for the forklift license

In order to obtain a forklift license, you not only have to pay for the costs, but also meet certain requirements. First of all, you should be at least 18 years old.

The second condition is a medical certificate proving your fitness to drive a forklift truck. Because you have to have the agile vehicle well under control, to endanger neither yourself nor others!

This certificate, which mainly covers your hearing and vision, usually costs between 10 and 30 euros, but some doctors charge up to 80 euros.

Since the respective doctor may set the price for the health certificate itself, you should inquire in advance by phone. The health department provides information about which doctors in your region are performing the appropriate health check.

In addition, 10 lessons are required to obtain the forklift license. How long they have to be and how many days they are distributed is not fixed.

Persons who have already been driving under the supervision of forklifts need less practice than fresh beginners. The lessons can be adapted to the respective requirements.

You should know that about the forklift license!

The forklift license entitles you to drive a manoeuvrable transport vehicle that can reach speeds of up to 25 km / h. The drive works either via an electric motor or an internal combustion engine.

You do not only need to operate the driving electronics, but also the lifting hydraulics. This allows you to lift and tilt Euro pallets. In forklift instruction, you learn what you can and can not do with this device.

Current costs for the forklift license

Calculate for your forklift ticket with costs between 80 and 150 EUR, in addition comes the already mentioned price for the medical certificate. These are the key data for your cost calculation:

  • If several people register for the fork lift license at the same time, you may be able to save about 20 EUR per person. So it's best to talk to colleagues or other jobseekers!
  • If you enroll in the course as an individual with prior knowledge, you will be charged between 100 and 130 EUR. Without previous knowledge, you are more likely to pay a little more.
  • Only those who live directly on the border with a neighboring European country may benefit from lower prices abroad. Long journeys are not worthwhile for the forklift license, these only make up for the cost savings.

This is what you learn in forklift instruction

The content of lessons is based on a legal standard and therefore essentially the same for all driving schools. You learn the following things for the forklift license:

  • The driving instructor will inform you about the legal basis for driving a forklift truck.
  • He alerts you to the risks of accidents and shows you how to avoid them.
  • They familiarize themselves with the safety devices of the device.
  • You will learn all the functions of the forklift truck and its special features.
  • You will learn everything about the intended use of the machine and learn the basics of driving and lifting dynamics.
  • The driving instructor will show you which regular maintenance and repair measures are necessary.

Costs at the concrete example

A young woman wants to purchase a forklift license to be able to independently lift goods from the shelves in your company's warehouse. The doctor attests her good health.

Cost overviewprice
1. Health certificate20 EUR
2nd lesson and driver's license130 EUR
3rd photo for the driver's license13 EUR
total163 EUR

Replace the safety instruction regularly

The forklift license is valid for your entire life, provided you take part in the necessary safety instructions every year. If you want to use the bill so permanently, think of the regularly recurring appointment!

Tips & Tricks

Maybe your employer will give you the forklift license, because that makes you even more flexible to use. Ask your boss! Jobseekers usually have to pay for the costs themselves.

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