Change the vacuum cleaner bag - you must pay attention

If the vacuum cleaner bag is full, it should be changed in any case. When changing, however, are some things that should be considered. Read in this post what you should pay attention to when changing.

When to switch?

Basically, a vacuum cleaner bag should always be changed when it is full. If you are sucking a little, a change should take place at least every three months. If the bag lasts longer in the vacuum cleaner, this can worsen the suction performance.

It is also extremely hygienic to leave the bag in the vacuum cleaner for more than three months. Bacteria and mites can multiply on the inside and next to it extremely unpleasant odors can form, which originate from different decomposition processes.

Save money on vacuum cleaner bags

On the one hand, you can immediately switch to bagless vacuum cleaners (which, however, can cause a lot of dirt during emptying). On the other hand, you can also save money by using cheap universal bags (such as SWIRL or DM) or even making a reusable vacuum bag yourself.

Change bags - step by step

  • vacuum cleaner
  • new, matching vacuum cleaner bag

1. Stop using the vacuum cleaner

Unplug the power plug. Remove the vacuum cleaner hose from the vacuum cleaner by pressing the two side-mounted buttons. The hose can then be removed. Close the hole with the slider attached to it.

2. Remove the bag

Open the case and remove the bag from the holder. Depending on the model, the holder can be solved in different ways, but usually very easily. Put the bag in the trash.

3. Check the filter

Clean filter at least roughly, replace with heavy contamination.

4. Insert a new bag

Insert the new vacuum cleaner bag into the holder, making sure that the opening is in place. Close the housing and reconnect the hose.

Tips & Tricks

Despite all the promises of the universal manufacturers original bags are usually better than the replicas. The filter performance is usually higher for originals, in addition they are often more resilient and tear-resistant.

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