Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag - where does it belong?

Used vacuum cleaner bags often raise the question of where to dispose of them. Which disposal method is correct, and which not, and whether you can easily reuse vacuum cleaner bags, you will read in this article.

Disposal over the yellow bag

Often the vacuum cleaner bag is emptied and thrown into the yellow bag or into the yellow bin. This is the wrong way, which is forbidden.

On the one hand, the emptying of the vacuum cleaner bag is already very uncomfortable and time-consuming, on the other hand, soiled packaging may not be in the yellow bin. When emptying the dust bag is not sufficiently clean to be suitable for the yellow bin.

Vacuum cleaner bags also do not belong in the bio-bin, as the dirt contained therein is not a biodegradable substance.

Disposal of residual waste

The only correct disposal method for used dust bags is the residual waste. This includes all packaging that is contaminated and all waste materials that are no longer recyclables. The dust bag can easily be thrown into the residual waste bin as a whole.

Reuse vacuum cleaner bags

Reusing the bag after emptying is not recommended. Theoretically saves money, but the air passages in the vacuum cleaner can be clogged by reusing the bag over time. If a vacuum cleaner bag is removed from the vacuum cleaner, it should also be thrown away directly. Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner and the suction result.

Solution: Bagless vacuum cleaner

To save yourself the constant buying new vacuum cleaner bags, you can also bagless vacuum cleaners as an alternative to envisage.

Tips & Tricks

You can also save money by not buying the original bags, but simply using cheap universal brands. Such brands can be found, for example, in hardware stores (SWIRL), but also in DM. They are suitable for practically all vacuum cleaner models. Another possibility would be to make a reusable vacuum cleaner bag yourself.

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