Are vacuum cleaner bags reusable?

Vacuum cleaner bags cost money over time. Even if not much is sucked, they must be changed at regular intervals. Whether you can reuse vacuum cleaner bags, and what other option there is, you will learn in this post.

Empty vacuum cleaner bag and reuse

With conventional vacuum cleaner bags it is not recommended to empty and reuse them. There are several reasons for this:

  • hygienic reasons
  • technical reasons
  • durability

Hygienic reasons

Dirt that remains in the vacuum cleaner bag for a long time begins to degrade over time. As a result, bacteria and mites multiply in the interior. In addition, unpleasant decomposition odors are produced, which can also get into the room when vacuuming.

By emptying not all deposits, bacteria and putrefaction are removed, a residue remains always in the bag. This is not desirable, and hygienic also not safe. At least every three months a vacuum cleaner bag should be changed and disposed of properly.

Technical reasons

A vacuum cleaner bag is part of the air filter system of a vacuum cleaner. To use it for too long or to reuse it slowly clogs its pores and thus can significantly reduce the suction power.


The durability of dust bags intended for single use is not unlimited. In terms of materials, they would only survive a few reuses before they break. For continuous loads they are not designed.

Alternative: permanent vacuum cleaner bag

If you want to save money in the long term, you can also use permanent vacuum cleaner bags. These bags are designed for emptying and reuse and are usually made of plastic. For a price of around 10 - 20 EUR you save forever the new purchase of new vacuum cleaner bags. However, the hygienic concerns remain.

Tips & Tricks

Another possibility might be to make a reusable vacuum cleaner bag yourself. However, this is associated with some effort and effort and requires some skill and craftsmanship.

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