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Purchase advice for the vacuum cleaner comparison or test 2018

  • Today, there are many different types of vacuum cleaner, which are useful for different applications. For the apartment are mainly vacuum cleaner, hand vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner.
  • In the case of vacuum cleaners, one can generally differentiate between two categories: bag vacuum cleaner and bagless vacuum cleaner. Each functional principle has its advantages and disadvantages. Especially the models without bag are suitable for large areas and for people who suck a lot.
  • The suction power of a vacuum cleaner does not necessarily depend on its wattage (power) - it depends on the interaction of motor, nozzle and suction tube. The range of action of the nipple also plays an important role in order to be able to work flexibly with the device.

Vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: 2018

Vacuum cleaners have become indispensable in the household but also in industrial cleaning. Unlike a broom, the teat cups can reliably pick up crumbs, hair, dust and other debris and collect them inside. A broom would only stir up dust, which then settles on the floor, carpet or upholstered furniture again.

A December 2016 Statista survey has revealed that consumers are more concerned with the criteria when buying a vacuum cleaner Price-performance ratio, quality, longevity and energy efficiency arrives.

So that you can find your own personal vacuum cleaner test winner, we have in our vacuum cleaner comparison 2018 the most important aspects that you should consider when buying under the microscope.

1. Vacuum cleaner instead of broom and carpet beater

    The vacuum cleaner is an invention from the USA. Between 1860 and 1876 already created the first devices, which were however only in America in use.
    For the German market came in 1912 the model Lux I on the market. Until the Second World War, however, the suckers were luxury goods, only from the 1950s and 1960s, the devices spread in the German households. Brooms and, above all, carpet rappers were a thing of the past.

Vacuum cleaners are one of the household electrical appliances used to clean medium-sized surfaces such as floors or carpets. By means of negative pressure on the suction side of the vacuum cleaner in addition to air and dust, hair and other dirt particles sucked and get into a bag or container.

Through filter systems, which are located in the vacuum cleaner, the soaked air is cleaned and blown out cleaner. This is particularly advantageous for house dust allergy sufferers.

Underground vacuum cleaners have a housing on castors containing the blower, filter and dirt collector as well as the engine. These suckers are particularly practical, since you have to carry little weight when sucking, because the largest weight lies on the floor in the housing.

A hose connects the suction pipe to the housing. A vacuum cleaner has a very large operating range.

Underground vacuum cleaners in densely furnished apartments: Here, a vacuum cleaner is less suitable because the housing can get caught on obstacles. If you have a lot of furniture on the floor, your choice should fall on a compact vacuum cleaner that is smaller and lighter.

2. Vacuum cleaner types: design and operating principle

Vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: comparison

A vacuum cleaner (here brand Miele) includes filters, dirt, motor and fan in a housing on rollers.

Over the years, many different types of vacuum cleaners have emerged, simplifying work in both the home and industry.

There are all possible variants for every preference and application. Here we show you the designs that are best for vacuuming dry dirt in the home:

  • Canister
  • Hand vacuum with battery or cable
  • Vacuum cleaner robot (vacuum robot)
  • Small vacuum cleaner with battery

In our vacuum cleaner comparison, it is mainly about vacuum cleaner. Here you differentiate between two functional categories: Vacuum cleaner with or without bag:

Vacuum cleaner typesproperties

Vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: cleaner

Vacuum cleaner with bag

  • Bag vacuum cleaners collect dirt in paper or nonwoven containers
  • low price in the purchase
  • Experts advise against house dust allergy to bag vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter technology (when disposing of the bag, no dust can escape)
  • Devices often work quieter, because the suction power can be regulated electrically
  • low maintenance, since the cleaning of the container is eliminated
  • Bags have to be changed and are a permanent cost factor
  • huge selection of dust bags in the trade, so the search is difficult
  • the suction power decreases the more, the fuller the bag becomes
  • Vacuum cleaner bags cause garbage - ecological disadvantage

Vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: comparison

Bagless vacuum cleaner with collecting container

  • The bagless vacuum cleaners include cyclone vacuums and vacuum cleaners with water filters
  • More information about vacuum cleaners without bags can be found in our comparison
  • no cost factor by purchasing new vacuum cleaner bags
  • environmentally friendly: there is no waste through vacuum cleaner bags
  • Bagless vacuum cleaners are often considered more stylish - moreover, the devices are often more compact and lighter in weight
  • no loss of suction
  • Bagless vacuum cleaners are more expensive to buy
  • The emptying of the collection container is critical for house dust allergy sufferers
  • The collecting container must be cleaned regularly and dried before insertion into the vacuum cleaner
  • usually louder than baghouse vacuum cleaners, as cyclone suckers have a constant speed and the performance is not variable

Vacuum cleaner with or without bag? You should make your decision on how often you suck, how big the area to be vacuumed and how much dirt is in your household. The larger the area and the more often the use of the nipple, the sooner the purchase of a bagless vacuum cleaner pays off.

3. Purchase advice for vacuum cleaner

3.1. Suction power: power, watts, energy efficiency class

Vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: vacuum

On the EU energy label of a vacuum cleaner you can read about the decibel number and the energy class.

To assume that the suction power is higher, the higher the wattage or the greater the performance of the vacuum cleaner, is a mistake, The power only says something about the power consumption of the device, which is why, for example, suckers with 2,000 watts are real power hogs.

The suction or suction power of a vacuum cleaner depends primarily on how the engine, intake manifold and nozzle harmonize with each other. In order to find out what the suction power of a device is, it may be advisable to read about the vacuum cleaner experience on the Internet.

Each vacuum cleaner must have an energy efficiency rating. You can see how high the watts and power consumption are. The classes are divided from A to G. The best vacuum cleaners are those with the energy efficiency classes A and B, because these are the most energy-efficient.

3.2. Volume of the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner tests by various institutes have shown that bagless models are often louder than devices with pouches, but each person perceives volume differently, especially since it depends on the frequency.

Vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: comparison

The vacuum cleaner manufacturer Philips has the energy class A at 650 watts.

As a rule, you can also take the decibel figure from the EU energy label, which shows the energy efficiency class, You should keep in mind that an increase of 10 dB already corresponds to a tenfold increase in volume.

Most vacuums in our vacuum cleaner comparison have values ​​between 70 and 80 dB. As a guide we would like to give you the following values:

  • Chainsaw, thunder thunder: about 120 dB
  • Drill: about 100 dB
  • Group discussion: about 60 dB
  • Ticking a wristwatch: 20 dB

3.3. Bag volume and action radius

The size of the vacuum cleaner bag should be neither too big nor too small. Although a particularly large bag must be changed less frequently, but the suction power is less, the full this is.

Vacuum cleaner bag volume: A volume of around four liters is sufficient for a family household with one to two children.

The operating range of a vacuum cleaner is determined by the length of the cable, the flexibility of the hose and whether the vacuum cleaner pipe can be adjusted in height (telescopic pipe). The larger the radius of action, the more comfortable the vacuumingbecause you rarely have to change the socket.

3.4. Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Accessories - usually different nozzles - are usually included when you buy a vacuum cleaner.Conveniently, the accessories can often be stowed directly in the housing in the case of vacuum cleanersso you always have it at hand when you need it.

Vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: cleaner

Accessory types can be for example:

  • Combi nozzle: for carpet and hard floors
  • Upholstery nozzle: for upholstery, mattresses and pillows
  • Parquet brush: for parquet, tiles, laminate and other hard floors

4. Questions & Answers about Vacuum Cleaners

4.1. What is a cyclone vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: vacuum

When sucking in dust, animal hair and other dirt, a cyclone in the cylinder is created in the cyclone vacuum cleaner. (here a model of Dirt Devil)

Vacuum cleaners without bags are often cyclone vacuums. These devices work with the cyclone technique, d. H. the sucked air with the dirt is led into a cylinder, in which an artificial whirlwind is produced.

Advantages of cyclonic vacuum cleaners include, among other things, that there are no consequential costs associated with the purchase of dust bags, that they are often of relatively low weight, that they do not lose their suction power, and that inadvertently sucked objects can easily be recovered in the transparent collecting container.

4.2. Can spiders survive in the sucker?

If you suck away spiders or other insects with the vacuum cleaner, the animals will not survive, as their chitin tank bursts when they are thrown by the high air velocity when sucking against the vacuum cleaner filter.

But: Vacuum cleaners are not meant to suck away spiders and other insects. Carry the little animals outside with a piece of paper.

4.3. How do I know that the bag of the vacuum cleaner is full?

Vacuum cleaner comparison 2018: cleaner

If the suction decreases, this may be an indication that the vacuum cleaner bag should be changed.

Many modern vacuum cleaners have an indicator on the top where you can read when the bag is full. This is usually not the case with old teats, but if you feel that the suction is slowing down, this may be a sign that the dustbag should be changed.

4.4. Where can I buy a cheap vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners can be purchased online or in electronics stores such as Saturn or Media Markt. Sometimes there are also discount deals (Aldi, Lidl etc.).

Most of the time it pays to use a branded device. We have listed here the most important manufacturers and brands of vacuum cleaners:

  • AEG
  • Bomann
  • Bosch
  • clatronic
  • Dirt Devil
  • Dyson
  • Einhell
  • Grundig
  • Hitachi
  • Hoover
  • Kärcher
  • Klarstein
  • Miele
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Rowenta
  • Samsung
  • Severin
  • Siemens
  • Vorwerk

In order to make your purchase decision easier, Stiftung Warentest also offers a variety of vacuum cleaner tests in which so far 115 vacuum cleaner models (among others from Miele, Dyson, Kärcher Bosch and AEG) have been tested.

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