Vacuum cleaner for dog hair - which models are suitable?

Who has a dog, probably knows the problem enough: dog hair everywhere. In many cases, however, vacuum cleaners are overwhelmed with the distance. What conditions a vacuum cleaner should have when it comes to quickly and thoroughly remove dog hair, read here.

Problem dog hair

Dog hair can be wiry, stuffy and very adhesive. Of most textiles, they are just as hard to remove as they are to be removed from the carpet. Especially at the time of change of coat (in the spring) fall in all dogs especially many and particularly difficult to remove hair.


A high wattage is no guarantee that the cleaning is thorough, and the removal of dog hair works well. High wattages are only used for advertising purposes, technically they are unnecessary.

special vacuum cleaners

Many manufacturers offer specially designed models for removing dog hair or animal hair in general. These models are definitely to be preferred, as their performance is also proven in tests - but not all models are equally good in their performance. Therefore always compare the indicated power class of the models (A - G for the cleaning performance) whenever possible.

Accessories for removal

Special vacuum cleaner nozzles for the removal of animal hair can often be bought as accessories. So you can "retrofit" your existing vacuum cleaner and make something more efficient in hair removal.

Tips & Tricks

If you frequently visit people with allergies (for animal hair), you must pay particular attention to the removal of dog hair. Even a small amount of hair can trigger a whole range of symptoms in allergy sufferers, ranging from itchy skin, burning and watery eyes, to serious respiratory problems. In this case, be very careful when cleaning.

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