Vacuum cleaner for long hair - what should you pay attention to?

If you have long hair, vacuuming is often a nuisance. Many vacuum cleaner models have their long hair so their dear need. What you should pay attention to, and which models are particularly well suited, read here.

Long hair in the vacuum cleaner

Normally, hair - in small quantities and with relative brevity - can still be absorbed well. But if the hair is longer, it can often cause problems:

  • the vacuum cleaner no longer sucks the hair properly
  • the hair is wrapped around the brush
  • Vacuum cleaner clogs often
  • the hair is wrapped around the roll and it keeps blocking (which can cause streaks on delicate floors like parquet floors)

The differences between the models are often very large when it comes to the absorption of long hair. General problems often occur with the bagless rod suckers. They generally seem to have problems with long hair.

Vacuum cleaner for animal hair

Especially from textiles and textile coverings and carpets long hair is often difficult to remove. A pet vacuum cleaner can often be a good aid in removing it.

Instead of buying a special model, you can also try to "upgrade" your old vacuum cleaner with matching accessories to make the removal of hair easier. Special accessories, such as an electric brush, but may be in individual vacuum cleaner models either not available or in good quality really expensive.

Tips & Tricks

Whenever you can, remove your long hair as much as possible by hand and throw it in the trash or in the toilet. Large quantities of longhair in one place make it difficult for most vacuum cleaners. Blockages of the vacuum cleaner you can prevent so well.

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