Repair the vacuum cleaner hose - you must pay attention to this

The hose is a very sensitive part of the vacuum cleaner that can easily be damaged. A replacement or new purchase is often not worthwhile, in many cases you can easily repair a defective vacuum cleaner hose yourself. How to do that, read in this post.


Vacuum cleaner hoses are inherently non-elastic. If you are frequently used to pull the vacuum cleaner behind you, it may cause the hose to become brittle and break at one point. Therefore, you should always avoid using the hose to pull the vacuum cleaner.

As a rule, it is sufficient to mend this one job. However, the repair must be carried out airtight, because the vacuum cleaner does not pull properly otherwise.

Repair of the vacuum cleaner hose - step by step

  • short piece of plastic pipe in the same diameter as the hose
  • Adhesive tape (the wider and stiffer the better)
  • scissors

1. Find a defect

See where the defect is and how big the damage is. See how far they can pull the hose parts apart.

2. Insert plastic pipe

Insert the plastic tube into the defective tube part and fix it immediately with adhesive tape. This creates a stable, secure connection.

3. Stick hose

Wrap the tube parts tightly with adhesive tape, making sure that the seal is as airtight as possible. Several layers of tape are needed until a vacuum cleaner hose actually holds steady again.

4. Test tightness

Turn on the vacuum cleaner and check that it is "pulling" properly. If he does not do that, watch for whistling noises at the repair site and make sure that you feel a draft. In this case, their repair site is not yet tight enough and you will have to improve again.

Tips & Tricks

You can also use highly tear-resistant adhesive tape especially for repairs. These tapes are available in every hardware store.

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