Make the vacuum cleaner quieter - is that possible?

The noise of vacuuming annoys not only small children and pets. Even as an adult, you often feel disturbed by the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Whether it works to make a vacuum cleaner quieter, and what options there are, read in this post.

Possibilities of noise reduction

Due to the functioning of a vacuum cleaner, noise is inevitable. Unfortunately, the noise development can not be contained.

The only way to make the noise less noticeable is to protect your hearing from noise, such as hearing protection in the form of earplugs or earhook protector. The neighbors and others always hear the noise, and it does not diminish.

If you want lower operating noise, you can already pay attention to the volume level of the vacuum cleaner.

Noise differences

Due to the design, there are significant differences in terms of noise in vacuum cleaners. Because of the cyclotron technology used, bagless vacuum cleaners are particularly noisy, with a few exceptions. This is due to the high air noise and the very fast moving air (up to 200 km / h).
Suction robots, on the other hand, almost always shine with particularly quiet working noise.

A comparison of the typical values ​​is shown in the following table:

Vacuum cleaner Model / comparison valuedB A
allowed maximum value85 dB
reasonable limit when buying75 dB
pleasant operating noise70 - 75 dB
quietest vacuum cleaner for private usearound 60 dB
quietest professional vacuum cleaner (Kärcher T12 / 1 eco! efficiency)54 dB
Vacuum robot (premium class)around 70 dB

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the operating noise, you should still take a second look at the energy label and cleaning class of the vacuum cleaner. The energy label shows which vacuum cleaners have the lowest power consumption. The cleaning class (A - G) shows the vacuum quality of the vacuum cleaner on hard floors and on carpeted floors.

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