Valentine's Day: make gifts and hearts yourself

Valentine's Day: make gifts and hearts yourself

Valentine's Day: make gifts and hearts yourself: hearts

Valentine's Day: Homemade gifts and beautiful ideas

The Valentine's Day is originally from the USA and is also in this country of many Couples and families like to partyby giving your loved one am 14th of February a nice surprise. Much more personal than a purchased gift are home-made attentions. Our link collection shows the most beautiful, free crafting instructions and building instructions around Valentine's Day.

If you are looking for ideas for gifts or an atmospheric decoration, it is worth visiting these craft pages:

  • Valentine coloring
  • Make money gifts
  • Make Mother's Day gifts yourself

Make Valentine's cards yourself

Valentine's Day: make gifts and hearts yourself: Valentine

For Valentine's Day shows a homemade greeting cardHow much the beloved person means to the sender. In this link collection we present many different crafting instructions for Valentine's cards.

  • Make Valentine's cards yourself

Make Valentine's hearts yourself

Valentine's Day: make gifts and hearts yourself: hearts

A heart for the Dearest or the partner Expresses how much you love this person. Whether made of paper, fabric or LED lights: With the large selection of crafting instructions, everyone has the right Valentine's heart.

  • Make Valentine's hearts yourself

Valentine's Day Recipes: Cakes and Biscuits

Valentine's Day: make gifts and hearts yourself: gifts

Some people surprise their sweetheart with a Valentine's Day delicious cake in heart shape or sweets, With our recipe collection you make sweet Valentinsgeschenke yourself.

  • Valentine's Day recipes: cake in heart shape and biscuits

Make flowers

Valentine's Day: make gifts and hearts yourself: Valentine

If you want to give your loved one an everlasting Valentine's bouquet, you can make it red roses of paper just yourself. In this extensive collection, there are craft instructions for paper flowers and bouquets for every occasion.

  • Make flowers

Tinker little Valentine gifts

Tic-tac-toe Valentine's Day game

Homemade game board for Tic Tac Toe for Valentine's Day. At (German)

Love arrow

Instructions for a love dart (from Cupid's Cup) for Valentine's Day. At (German)

Valentine's Day Trailer

Crafting instructions for a romantic pendant made of yarn and wooden beads. Depending on the color scheme as Valentine's gift for men or women suitable. At scissors glue paper blog. (German)

Heart Sachet

Felt scented pillows in heart shape and fill with flowers. In manual-manual work. (German)

Valentine's gift bag made of fabric

Sewing gift bag made of fabric for Valentinsgeschenke yourself - simple sewing instructions. At Better Home & Garden. (English)

Cupid's champagne flute

Simple, inexpensive Valentine's Day gift: chocolate and fruit gum in champagne glass served as a sweet Valentine's gift. At Instructables


Crafting instructions for a sock monkey for Valentine's Day with sewn heart. At Instructables. (English)

Heart-shaped wreath of branches

Self-made heart-shaped wreath of leaves and branches. At Make Stuff. (English)

Valentine's gifts for men

What are the right valentine gifts "for him"? There is consensus that "male" Valentine gifts should be more in dark colors. The materials are leather, wood and concrete. Even with Valentine's recipes for men, it is rather hearty.

Make bacon roses (bacon roses) yourself

A recipe and instructions for DIY romatic bacon roses as Valentine's gift or Valentine's breakfast for men. At (German)

Nail Driftwood Heart

Wool heart set on nails on a driftwood board. At Dream Pepper Blogspot. (German)

Beer labels with love message

Instructions and inspiration for crafting your own beer labels as a sticker for beer gifts. (In the specific case: love messages for Valentine's Day). Make the best of everything. (English)

A heart of concrete

Instructions for a card holder in heart shape made of concrete with card holder made of colored wire. at my window to the world. (German)

Nail picture "heart"

Illustrated manual for a nail picture in heart shape on wooden boards. By Silke Rudat. (German)

Heartbeat Keychain

Leather and neon belt key fob with a heart beat in the inner band. Suitable as a Valentine's gift for a man. Creative or Primitive Blog. (German)

The ideal valentine card for computer nerds: a heart in pixel form as a 3D pop-up card. Cutting template as a free download. At (English)

Wine and beer labels for Valentine's Day

Free print template with English Valentinssprüchen that can be glued on wine, sparkling wine or beer bottles. At Soho Sonnet. (English)

Keyring "Celtic Heart"

A black polyester cord is knotted into a Celtic heart and serves as a Valentine's gift. Illustrated manual. At Tippy and Tassel. (German)

Valentine's Handicraft

Valentines gifts or engagement rings for DIY enthusiasts: Screw and nut on copper rings solder. At instructables. (English)

Valentine's vouchers and coupon books

Valentine's Day Coupon glass

Illustrated instructions for a coupon for Valentine's Day. The vouchers are labeled and rolled into the mason jar. Voucher print templates and glass label as a free download. At Detailmagic. (German)

Print template for Valentine's vouchers

Graphically and typographically designed artwork for Valentine's Day, giving away "time with you". At Gifts of Love. (German)

Coupon book for Valentine's Day

A free, typographic "printable" as a template for a Valentine's Day gift card, held together with a paper clip. At (German)

Valentine's day coupon as a scratch card

Crafting instructions for a calligraphically designed valentines voucher as a scratch card. Print template for free download. At Miss confetti. (German)

Homemade Valentines Day Presents

Valentine's Day ideas: envelopes, heart bags, coupon booklets. At HubPages. (English)

Make photo gifts for Valentine's Day yourself

Photo collage in heart shape

Crafting instructions for a photo collage of family photos in a picture frame to hang. At Fresh Mommy Blog. (English)

Embroidered picture frame in heart shape

Crafting instructions for a decorated heart-shaped picture frame made of cardboard and felt. Educated guide. At craft you blue. (German)

Wooden heart photo frame

Manual for photo frame made of wood for a little advanced do-it-yourself with router. Illustrated construction description with blueprint as PDF. At Westfalia Versand. (German)

Heart frame for photos of beads

Make iron-on beads in a heart design or as a photo frame. At eksuccessbrands. (English)


Valentine's Day: make gifts and hearts yourself: hearts

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