Valentine's Day at the hotel: Going down and having fun elsewhere

Valentine's Day in the hotel Spending time and having fun elsewhere is a viable alternative to floret, chocolates and strange love strips on DVD. To keep hands on the park bench, it is much too cold these days anyway, as well as for the romantic walk through the forest. Those who want to escape the cold for a few days and want to enjoy the double joy of partnership enjoyment should book a hotel trip for Valentine's Day. Hand on heart: Who in the present Arctic mood during the morning walk to work does not need a holiday?

Give yourself and your partner something: wellness, massages, breakfast in bed (... maybe even a main course...?) And sparkling champagne buffets in the evening? Believe us, you are not alone with these wishes, the survey of and shows it very clearly. Once you've seen what percentage of your Valentine's Day wishes are, then hopefully you'll realize that you're on the right steamer with a spontaneous journey with your sweetheart.

See what couples really expect from each other for Valentine's Day:


Valentine's Day at the hotel: Going down and having fun elsewhere: elsewhere

Where should it go? That's what the in love Germans want for Valentine's Day

Speaking of city breaks: Paris is certainly the city of love, but at these temperatures it can be very drafty on the Eiffel Tower. Engagement rings should therefore be packaged warmly and the marriage proposal will do so even if it does not happen with a view from above, but in a restaurant with a great view of the illuminated metal colossus. We wish you a lot of fun and enjoyment during your Valentine's Day stay at the hotel.