Vampire Costume

The scary classic - vampire disguise as Prince Dracula

Vampire Costume: yourself

Make a vampire costume. The vampire is of course the classic Halloween costumes. But where does this horror character actually come from? Legends of Blood-sucking undead exist in almost all cultures - but the best known were the legends from Transylvania.

The horror figure became really popular only through the Dracula novel by Bram Stoker at the end of the 19th century, After that followed countless retelling of the vampire stories in books, film and television.

Therefore, the vampire costume is natural the classic among the horror disguises.

Idea for a vampire bat costume

In many movies and stories change vampires between a human-like and an animal form. This is usually the case around a bat.

If you want to turn into a vampire bat for Halloween, All you need is vampire teeth, artificial blood and possibly red contact lenses and with this guide you can make an original bat costume yourself.

Make vampire costume yourself

In a vampire costume you should first ask yourself, whether as a medieval or baroque vampire in the style of Count Dracula, as ugly Nosferatu with mask and long fingernails or as a modern vampire would like to occur.

Ideas for a modern vampire costume

Vampire Costume: costume


To become a modern vampire on Halloween night, all you need is one Buy a few accessories, because the costume is made up of garmentsthat most people own.

Wear for a sexy vampire Ladies a dark top, like with gathering or Schnürrungen, Also in one Corsage make female vampires a good figure. As colors are a dark wine red or purple ideal. Of course, black always works.

The top is combined with a black short or long skirt, fishnet tights and boots. If you do not want to wear a skirt, grab a black pair of pants instead. Who likes, wears as an accessory reticule cuffs and a bolster.

In addition, the hair can be messed wildly and fixed with hair spray. Alternatively scVampire babies mosquito their hair with spider braces or other Halloween accessories. Smoky eyes and dark red lips fit as make-up.

Face and neck should be made very bright or white. Now one drips little fake blood in the corner of the mouth and leaves it the chin run down. Finally, the vampire teeth are missing.

The gentlemen transform themselves into a modern vampire with dark or dark red clothes and black trousers. This can be one dark red shirt or a black shirt his.

For the Gentleman variant, male vampires dress with a black suit, one white or wine red hemd and tie. When makeup is the face also white with blood on the corners of the mouth to make up. Instead of the Smokey Eyes make up their eyes with dark shadows.

With cape and cummerbund: Bela Lugosis Dracula

Vampire Costume: yourself

Dracula disguise

Most vampire costumes are based on the many film conversions of the Dracula legend. Above all, the presentation by Bela Lugosi has taken our imagination as a typical vampire, which also Affect one or the other vampire costume Has.

The traditional vampire is therefore one black cape - often with bat wing shape, Underneath a white ruffle blouse or a white shirt with a stand-up collar. The belly is covered by a noble red cummerbund.

The hair is combed back tight - or you wear one immediately black wig with noble white strands, Done is the vampire costume.

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