Discover the diversity of modern house facades

Modern is what pleases: That once said a clever person and was basically right. Especially in this day and age there are no fixed rules as to how a modern designed house facade should look like. Quite the opposite: Many real estate owners live out their individualism here in order to put their showpiece in the limelight. However, there are already trends.

Cubic design remains »in«

Cube forms have been in demand for a long time in the real estate sector. In addition, large windows or even entire façade elements made of glass are also welcome. This not only looks good, but also brings plenty of daylight.

The clear contours of such buildings are both appealing and aesthetic, but never obtrusive. That inspires many people! But some like it rather a little playful, with flourishes and bay windows. Also for this flavor, there are modern design options.

Discover the diversity of modern house facades: discover

Combine different materials

Facade cladding forms an integral part of modern house design. It is especially welcome when different materials find each other and emphasize the architecture in their interplay. Here some examples:

  • Plastered surface meets wood paneling
  • Corten steel meets aluminum
  • Tile tiles meet clinker glare
  • Glass blocks meet exposed concrete
  • Eternit meets decorative plaster
  • Corrugated iron surfaces hit solid wood
  • Plastic plates meet fine paintings

There are basically no limits to the imagination, you can combine as you wish! Take a closer look around your city for even more inspiration.

Modern paintings on house facades

It is also modern to decorate house facades with beautiful paintings. Some real estate owners bring their house number oversized on the wall and decorate it with sweeping ornaments.

Others decorate the windows with beautiful frames and also emphasize the doors with stylish motifs. Sometimes antique elements are revived, then painted triangular gables over the building openings or deceptively real pilasters with ornate capitals.

Modern house facades are simply not just "modern", but they also often have design forms of bygone times. These can be integrated into their surroundings in an absolutely contemporary way and look simply noble.

Shutters: an accessory for modern facades?

Shutters were considered outdated for a long time, since there are now practical shutters that can be conveniently operated from the inside out. But some homeowners have rediscovered the wooden hatches and equip their new home with them.

This looks wonderfully rustic and changes the façade in an extremely charming way. In addition, there is nothing wrong with having even modern electric shutters that lift and lower at the touch of a button.

Combine a beautiful wooden balcony with your massive shutters, insert wooden windows instead of the existing plastic windows and add a solid oak door. After all, modern house facades may also look rural, right?

Tips & Tricks

Take a conscious look around your town and its neighboring villages, explore the many facades of the houses and check the Internet: there are plenty of inspirations, especially in new housing estates, but even older classics have a lot to say.

Product picture: U.J. Alexander / Shutterstock

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