Cellar vault - ideal storage location

A vaulted cellar is a cellar with a vaulted ceiling, originally made of natural fieldstone. This is especially popular for the storage of wine. Today, however, modern cellars are often referred to as basement vaults.

Underground storage room

Originally, the basement vaults were created under the houses and partly in the garden, in order to store the food longer. Vegetables and potatoes could usually be stored in these underground rooms throughout the winter at a constant temperature.

Wine in the cellar vault

Traditionally, wine has always been stored in underground warehouses. The constant temperature under the earth ensures the wine for a high quality and long loss-free storage time. The situation is similar with beer, which was and is often stored underground.

Cellar vault - ideal storage location: vault

From the basement vault to the house cellar

While one understands under a cellar vault as mentioned underground storerooms, which have a vaulted ceiling, the utility of the cellar remained the same, even if the ceiling is now straight.

In the real cellar vault, the cellar did not necessarily have to be confined to the basement of the building, in contrast to today's cellar, which is only as big as the building that stands on it.

Erdkeller or cellar vault

If the cellar was created next to the house in the garden, two variants are conceivable. One is the Erdkeller stamped from earth, the other variant is also a vaulted cellar, which is often made of fired bricks with a vaulted ceiling.

Today, there are real modern kits that contain semicircular tiles. These are placed on a floor of bricks in the ground. Later, the earth of the excavation is refilled on the outside walls.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to build a cellar that does its air and moisture exchange naturally and keeps a constant low temperature throughout the year, then a cellar vault made of the above-mentioned features is the ideal solution. The price may seem very high, but if They consider how many hours of work a bricklayer would need to actually wall this vault so by hand, the moldings are almost a bargain.